Fact Check: Did Priyanka Gandhi Really Hug The Family Member Of Hathras Victim?

Priyanka Gandhi

Recently, when congress leaders Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi met the family members of the Hathras rape victim, a photo went viral of Priyanka Gandhi hugging the sister-in-law. However, a fact check has been carried out on the authenticity of the photograph.

On Saturday, the Central Bureau of Investigation took over the case of Hathras gang-rape and murder case of the 19-year-old Dalit girl. On the same day, several media houses claimed that a woman who said to be the bhabhi of the victim had Naxal connection. The reports also revealed that the Uttar Pradesh police are looking for the woman.


The report was drafted by the Special Investigation Team revealed that there is a naxal connection by the woman who allegedly called herself the bhabhi and also featured in the photograph with Priyanka Gandhi. The woman is believed to have stayed in the victim’s house for over a week. After this, several Twitter users claimed that Priyanka Gandhi hugged a fake bhabhi.

Priyanka Gandhi On Fuel Price
Courtesy: newindianexpress.com

Woman Comes Forward

However, the woman was later identified as Dr. Rajkumari Bansal who is a physician at Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Medical College in Madhya Pradesh’s Jabalpur. As per a report of the CNN network, the woman discarded the theory as a cooked up one by social media. She said she never claimed to be the sister-in-law. She said,

“I was present there (at the victim’s house) and if someone identifies me as the fake sister-in-law of the victim, I can’t help. Did I say that I am the sister in law of the victim? I am not illiterate. I only talk on the basis of evidence. After I saw how women reporters were voicing the family’s concern, I got the courage to go there and contribute, whatever little I could.”

The woman also told that the police had taken her photos and documents. She went to Hathras after she was moved by the plight of the family.


Source: Free Press Journal