Fact-Check: Did PM Modi Really Induct ‘Drone Prathap’ To DRDO?

A few days ago, OpIndia brought out a fact check against the accomplishments and awards of young drone scientist Prathap NM. As per the report, most of the details divulged by the 22-year-old is false.

Did PM Modi induct Prathap to DRDO?

A few days ago, reports were going viral that Prathap had been inducted to DRDO by PM Modi. A postcard and a tweet in this regard led to the widespread belief that Prathap would be working for DRDO in the future. One of the tweets which said that PM Modi had inducted Prathap to DRDO had also received close to seventeen thousand retweets.


Prathap reveals the truth

When Alt News checked with Prathap regarding the viral reports, he said: “Not yet. I haven’t received any offer from the Prime Minister’s Office. The PM cannot recruit for DRDO, isn’t it? Several people from Kannada media have told me that I will be getting a call. But I am not sure. Till now I haven’t received any call or email.

There were also reports which said that Prathap was already working on a project with DRDO. He declined the reports, saying: “I worked with a Bengaluru-based company which was working on a project for DRDO.

Hence, all the news related to PM Modi inducting Prathap to DRDO is baseless and just plain rumors. Now that all of Prathap’s lies have been exposed, the matter is slowly gaining interest among the citizens.


Source: Alt News