Faces Of Bengaluru, A Social Page That Narrates Heartening Stories Of People Who Live in Our Very Own City

faces of bengaluru

Developments in digital photography and cameras have led to an explosion of photography enthusiasts. It’s easier now to share moments and memories with a large audience more easily. Despite the ease of sharing a photograph and an influx of photography pages on social media, the art of storytelling and photography is something that a very few have mastered. One such page is the Faces of Bengaluru.

Stories that fills one with a spectrum of feelings

A picture speaks a thousand words. But Faces of Bengaluru (FoB) has pictures which speak of lifetimes. This page has brilliant and thought-provoking portraits with stories that make you truly walk in the shoes of another. Their articles make you feel the joy of a biking enthusiast, the pains of an artist, the anguish of victims of hate and violence and the innocent happiness of a student. Scrolling through their page and reading their articles fills one with a spectrum of feelings. The stories and emotions they capture are all of the people who live in our very own city and the realism makes us empathize more easily.


faces of bengaluru

City And Its Diversity

Through the page, one can walk in the shoes of sportspeople, scientists, bikers, writers, artists, directors, students and the workers who make this beautiful city. Some of the stories are just as heartbreaking and sad as the others are euphoric and joyous. We have found ourselves in tears and in smiles many a time whenever we visit the page that is Faces of Bengaluru.

One realizes that this city has a variety of people that have shaped it and is truly a cosmopolitan city. It’s heart-warming to find people of diverse thoughts, cultures and lives life in harmony. Faces of Bengaluru does a brilliant job of highlighting their lives. Do give their page a visit for it is no ordinary photography page but truly a work of art.

faces of bengaluru

Having been admired by their work, we MetroSaga had a virtual talk with Vikas Badiger, the man behind Faces of Bengaluru. We had some questions and he too had a few amazing things to share.

What’s the idea behind FoB

Vikas Badiger: We often see photographers at an award function taking images of people getting so and so award! But no one knew what they would have done to come till there. What I wanted to do with FoB is, to show the world the human side of their success/failure. When we say the human side it includes (sacrifices, bad days, good days, etc).


In Bengaluru only we have soo many and I am born and brought up here. I came back from Italy after my MBA to do this :’)

What or Who inspired you to start this?

Vikas Badiger: Let’s say it’s a collective inspiration. A little from my granny and maami who made me listen to stories while going to bed, a little from a musician on the streets of Florence who spoke to me for an hour, a little from my dream of documenting stories through pictures and videos.

faces of bengaluru

What is your primary objective?

Vikas Badger: Well, objective? With the help of social media and humanity, we want to bring a change in the society, a better society which actually is much more kind, humane and happier. It is the end goal, so yeah!


How many stories posted, so far?

Vikas Badger: 60 odd stories right now. But we are soon picking up the pace. It is quite tough to meet the features as they are changemakers already and are usually busy with their work.

faces of bengaluru
A Photo story covered by FoB

What kind of stories do you choose to publish? Untold or popular?

Vikas Badger: As I told before, it is the human side of the success/failure. When we say the human side, the stress, the challenges, the struggles, the heartbreaks. I guess, with every story, I see my struggles while they are narrating theirs.

How you execute this? Tell us about the process.

Vikas Badger: We have a team who are constantly in search of people who are doing something that makes a difference to the world. We reach out to them and then interview them.


faces of bengaluru

Tell us about the team.

So we are a team of 3.

Saakshi Kumar – She’s still in University but she was our first intern and she handles the content and communications. Brings in “brilliant ideas and standing up for what is right” on the table.

Ashwin Iyer – He is an engineer/photographer, what’s different with him is that he wants to become a photojournalist. He brings in “improvisation and humbleness” on the table.

Vikas Badiger – The oldest in the team 😛


faces of bengaluru

Why have you restricted only to FB post? Do you have any plans to start a website or app?

Vikas Badger: So, we are in the process of building a website. It is almost ready. We are on Instagram and Facebook but I think a website is a way forward 🙂

So, this was Faces Of Bengaluru and their passion towards story-telling. We hope that you found this article and the conversation interesting.

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