Exposed: Journalist from B TV news channel arrested on charges of extortion

Bengaluru: Sensational news has emerged from the city where a journalist named Tirtha Prasad has been arrested on charges of extortion and corruption.

it has been reported that he called up a person named Anil Kumar who is a resident of Doddagubbi in Bengaluru and claimed that the famous news channel he works in will run a story on him and his family members that they are running illegal sand mining.


When Anil Kumar resented to this, he said that nothing can be done and the story will air the day after tomorrow and he has only one day to stop it. When asked what can be done, he said he needs to strike a deal with him and his associates and even threatened him to do so.

After long deliberation, Anil, Tirtha, local leaders of the area, and even the MD of the Channel came to a conclusion with a deal of Rs. 20 lakhs. When Tirtha Prasad came to collect the money from Anil, he called the cops and got him red-handed even recording a video of the same.

The police have detained Tirtha Prasad in Hennur Police Station but the complainants including Anil have filed an FIR against 4 others as well. The issue now is that even after Anil is arrested the victims of this seek the arrest of all those involved in the case and the deal. They are almost staging a protest to seek justice against the same.


Here is the copy of the FIR

After this case has come into the open and has been on the run across major publications and media houses in the city many such issues have come out in the open that this famous news channel in Bengaluru has done and extorted people for money.

It is saddening to see media that should support people is threatening people and extorting money from them.