Explore The fascinating Tourist Spots Of Thailand

Located in South East Asia and is known to be the most popular tourist destinations from all over the globe.

Thailand has a lot of exciting attractions like breathtaking natural beauty, scintillating beaches, inspiring temples, historical buildings, and bustling markets. The country also boasts of luxurious and modern facilities, diverse cuisine and cultures, an enjoyable lifestyle and many different entertainment choices, catering to the traveling desires of visitors from all over the world. An ever-green traveling destination, Thailand is a perfect place for each person and each one of its visitors is sure to discover something that suits their preference in this country.


While this country has something for any visitor, the best part is that this place is often known to be one of the best, and most well-valued tourist destinations, be it for someone who is looking for a family vacation, a beach vacation, the adventurer traveler or just those wishing to explore the heritage and culture of Thailand. So, no matter what your definition of travel is, a vacation in Thailand is sure to be a good value for your investment.

Some well known and must visit destination that one should include in their Thailand tour packages are Pattaya, Bangkok, Chaing Mai, Phuket, and Hua Hin.

Here are some of the recommended tourist destinations and activities for Thailand tour:


Bangkok is probably one of the most popular cities in Thailand. Home River of Chao Phraya; Bangkok is lively cosmopolitan capital of this country. Aside from offering amazing multi-cultural cuisine, exciting nightlife, and shopping paradise to its visitors, Bangkok also retains its native and cultural traditions, being a blend of contemporary lifestyle and old-world charm for the visitors. Some of the most popular attractions in Bangkok include Temple of the Relining Buddha, Vimanmek Palace, the grand palace, bustling markets, and a lot more museums and temples.



Just 2 hours away from Bangkok Pattaya, is another great tourist destination in Thailand. With it’s a lot of natural bays, pristine beaches, mesmerizing natural beauty, sea-side resort, Pattaya is well known for being an ideal spot for a beach vacation and is really considered to be a delight for travelers. Some of the most popular activities in Pattaya include are water activities on its different beaches including shopping, scuba diving, exploring the well-known Buddhism temples in the area and also exploring the Nong Nooch cultural village and also experiencing the beauty of elephant village and ocean park. When you are planning your trip to Thailand, do not forget to add Pattaya in your package.

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is one of the most popular gateway destinations in Thailand and also a great Hill station. The city has a unique ancient charm, picturesque view and tribal culture all combined with modern luxuries, making it a great destination to visit in your trip to the country of smiles, Thailand. Among the various beautiful place in Chiang Mai, some of the best things out of all that you can include in this city are Rock climbing, bungee jumping, mountain biking, Wat Prathat Doi Suthep temple, shopping for unique handicraft of Thailand and going to the night shopping streets of this city.


Beaches of Thailand are at the top of the list of the tourist destination of this country. Go snork around in the shallow coral gardens at Mu Ko Ang Thong, swim near the cliffs of Krabi – which is one of the must visits of Thailand, or you can go dive in the ocean at the beaches of Ko Lipe, and you can also swim with the gentle sharks at Kao Tao and Ko Pha – Nigam, you also get to go to fishing with the fisherman in Trang, or you can just relax at the white sand of the Hua Hin beach.


Aside from these three destinations, there are plenty of other attractions and activities that you can enjoy in Thailand. So, if you want to travel to all of these amazing destinations then consider enquiring your travel advisor to add-in the destinations that you want to explore and they will do just that. or if you want a cheap Thailand tour package then search on the internet, you will get lots of Thailand tour packages on there.