All Eyes On Gaitonde. Here’s What You Can Expect From Sacred Games Season 2

On a Tuesday morning, scrolling through my feed on Facebook, popped up the trailer of the most awaited Netflix Show, Sacred Games. Needless to mention that the trailer is interesting if not more as the first season and has elevated the expectations already.

The trailer opens with Bunty getting a call from Gaitonde who was picked up from the prison by his teesra baap. Revenge, he says as his only goal. A couple of quick cuts reveal Gaitonde in a dapper suit which has made me curious but also funny to see him like that. Off course, all these are happening in the past.


At present, Sartaj played by Saif Ali Khan has found a new lead which has a mention of war; like the one in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. In the last scene of the previous season, behind Trivedi, we had an idea that there is something related to Nuclear energy/war but the sole mention of Hiroshima and Nagasaki has heightened the remaining 13 days of the 25 days as mentioned by Gaitonde.

Sartaj has lost his thumb, has fresh evidence, has learned a few things about his late father and yet his relationship with his wife is stationary as a rock. Season 2 might have more with respect to his dented personal life. In the upcoming season, we might also see his fellow officers trusting him more and thereby giving him a free hand to solve what looks like an unsolvable mystery.

Two New Characters

There are two new characters which have been introduced in the trailer; Kalki Koechlin and Ranveer Shorey. By the trailer, it is impossible to deduce their characters but their presence looks great and it is sure to add to the magic of the show.


One thing which we can be certain of is that we would see the politics and religion entering into the lives of Gaitonde in the past and Sartaj in the present. The real Sacred Game, whether it is politics or religion or both would be clearer by the end of this season.

Teesra Baap

The show stealer, the big reveal in the trailer is undoubtedly Pankaj Tripathi as Teesra Baap whose name we don’t know as yet. All the hype around he helping Gaitonde live and mandala sign have added up to this and we hope Pankaj Tripathi doesn’t disappoint.

13 more days left to save the city. 13 more days left for Mumbai to turn into Hiroshima and Nagasaki. 13 more days left for Sartaj to untie the knot between his life and Gaitonde’s. 13 more days for everyone to die and only Trivedi to survive.


Sacred Games Season 2 premiers on 15th August. I am not coming out of my room, what about you?