Exclusive: Leaked Screenshots Reveal Sinister Happenings Inside A Congress Chatroom

Courtesy: youtube.com

BJP government has always been a target for Congress. However, this time it’s huge. Gaurav Pandhi has started a new business of harassing BJP workers through telegrams. There is an official congress IT cell group that is being used to harass BJP supporters, and when they stand a chance of exposing Gaurav, they delete the messages and change the group name.

Gaurav Pandhi is the National Coordinator, Digital Communications at the National Congress Party. He has been at this post for ages and now he is using his power in a different way by harassing BJP workers over Telegram chat groups. He is the admin of this congress telegram group that has about 7K members; a group that he has been using to slam PM Modi but more importantly harassing BJP workers.


In this chat, A member of the group asking other group members to call a BJP worker to threaten & abuse him. The chat as quoted ” We have called this Bhakat & Abuse, He runs the page in support of the bill, I request everyone to call him and talk to him. I’m doing and need your support”

BJP Supporters targeted

This chat was there is a group for several hours, but then they deleted and changed the group name, in an attempt to suppress the potential controversy.

The group created by Gaurav Pandhi involves a campaign that makes us point a finger at Congress again and again. As he targets PM Modi and BJP workers, the name of his group chat changes every time according to twitter trends against BJP.


On PM’s 70th Birthday, #NationalUnemploymentDay was trending on Twitter and using this trend as power, Gaurav changed his group name to #NationalUnemploymentDay and harassed BJP workers for the same.

The daily journal  “The Youth” has made a point and interesting data to how the Role Of An Islamic Nation To Promote Congress’ Trend On PM Modi’s Birthday is brewing.

Shockingly, Qatar was the first country to trend #NationalUnemploymentDay. To add more to this, Qatar has over 2.8 Million population, but on the same day, over 44 Million + tweets were generated from Qatar alone, which raises an eye ball on who is fueling this campaigns. What is the relationship between Congress and Qatar to promote unemployment in India which is a local issue?


And now that we saw the latest news about farmer bills, Gaurav Pandhi again targetted PM Modi and named his group as BackDayForFarmers to ridicule BJP workers and PM. And when someone tries to expose him, he changes the name of the group just like he did in the pictures given below:


Whether it’s a Campaign or any propaganda, it is surely an attack on the Prime Minister and all other BJP workers. The interesting part is that after Gaurav Pandhi is done harassing BJP workers in the group, very smartly he changes the name in order not to be exposed. So in the images above, we can see that he started the group with the name called ‘Black Day For Farmers’ which he further changed to ‘With Congress Universe’. Well! This is clear evidence of Congress openly taking a jibe at their opponents, taking cyber power in hands.

Moreover, Congress has slammed many BJP workers in the past for the fall of Indian Economy after COVID-19 global pandemic, not doing enough for Indian Farmers, the establishment of Ram Mandir in Ayodhya, Demonetisation, GST changes and many more.


What do you think about this situation? Are all these actions by Congress justified?