Exam-Labs Reveals: Reasons To Pursue Six Sigma Certifications with The Help Of Practice Tests

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Understanding the concepts and methodologies of Six Sigma can significantly impact your work life and future career. Having the Six Sigma credential on your resume also validates your dedication to improving your analytical skills and business acumen and, of course, contributing meaningfully to the achievement of business objectives of your organization. It is essential to mention that the principles and methodologies of Six Sigma can be applied across different industries. As a matter of fact, the companies from all over the world, including Amazon, Bank of America, Ford Motor Company, the United States Army, Boeing, Credit Suisse, and General Electric, and many others, have incorporated the Six Sigma principles into their business operations.

Overview of Six Sigma Certifications

Exam-labs Six Sigma refers to the techniques and tools utilized by the organizations to enhance their production processes while removing defects and assuring quality. The Six Sigma credential validates the skills and knowledge of professionals in the areas of identifying errors, defects, or risks in the business process and eliminating them. Earning such a certificate requires that you possess a specific level of experience in business and have proof of your proficiency. With the Six Sigma certification, you will boost your work credibility and become a specialist in the field of process enhancement.

There are different levels associated with the Six Sigma certification path. There are Green Belt, Yellow Belt, Black Belt, Master Black Belt, in no particular order. You can pursue any of these credentials through the accreditation body such as the ASQ (American Society for Quality). Let’s look at each of these levels of Six Sigma.

Yellow Belt: This is the basic level of the certification program. It focuses on the fundamental concepts of Six Sigma. The individuals with this certificate have a good understanding of the essentials of Six Sigma as well as where and how to apply them. These certified professionals can work with the local problem-solving teams to collaborate on projects. They are core team members who support the Green Belt or Black Belt in the development of important parts of the project and its improvements.

Green Belt: This the companies from all over the world level focuses on the understanding of more advanced analysis of the project. The individuals with the credential can proffer solutions to problems that impact on quality. The Green Belts generally lead projects and help the Black Belts with data collation and analysis.

Black Belt: The holders of this certificate are the experts in their field and they are the team leaders and mentors in their organizations. They offer training to the team members while leading projects and they are responsible for using statistical analysis and Six Sigma tools to improve the working process of their company.

Master Black Belt: This credential is the highest level of the mentioned Six Sigmacerts. The specialists with this certificate are equipped with the skills and knowledge required to shape strategy, build major metrics, and function in the capacity of coach and consultant to the Green and Black Belts.

There are also such certifications as Champion, Deployment Leader, Trainer, and Coach, which are the highest levels of the Six Sigma certification program.

Benefits of Six Sigma Certifications

Six Sigma is beneficial to the individuals and the organizations they work with. Here we look at some of the advantages that Six Sigma provides.


The candidates with any Six Sigma credential are able to help their organizations minimize risk and remove defects and errors. With the skills obtained during the certification exams, you become an integral part and a valuable asset to the company you work with. Another benefit is the improvement of business processes and sustenance of quality improvement. You will be equipped with the knowledge needed to analyze the business and manufacturing processes of an organization and be able to take the necessary steps to enhance them. In addition to this, you will also have the ability to conduct a holistic review of the latest practices of any company and recognize its impact on quality performance.

The holders of the Six Sigma certification will become a valuable asset in any industry they find themselves. Six Sigma focuses on the industry-agnostic methodology. Therefore, the techniques can be applied to basically any field, including marketing, IT, aerospace, HR, telecom, electronics, banking & financial services. The individuals with the certificate have extensive knowledge of numerous methods that can be used for the improvement of processes in their organization.

The Six Sigma certifications also prepare the students for a managerial position. Additionally, it equips them with the prerequisites for ensuring compliance. The ability to gain hands-on experience in the field of quality management is also a strong benefit of pursuing the Six Sigma credentials. Ultimately, any Six Sigma certificate guarantees an excellent salary. According to the survey, the individuals with the Six Sigma certification obtain within the $100,000+ salary range, placing them among the best-paid professionals in the world.


Those organizations that adopt the Six Sigma methodologies in their business and manufacturing operations also enjoy some benefits. First, the companies that embrace Six Sigma enjoy improved productivity and lowers costs. They will also experience a reduction in product defects, which automatically reduces waste and cost of production, leading to higher profits. Secondly, it enhances the confidence of your clients in the business. By implementing the methodologies of Six Sigma, any company is able to streamline its processes and enhance customer satisfaction. Additionally, the enterprise gains the stakeholders’ trust and credibility. This is because they, as well as the clients, trust the organizations that employ the specialists with the relevant qualifications.


The Six Sigma certificate holders remain highly competitive in the workplace and maintain their job opportunities in the job market. The Six Sigma certifications add great value to the organizations and individuals. Any company with Six Sigma certified professionals is confident that its production lines are being managed by specialists who are highly focused on quality. Being one of those experts leads you to the career path that you will surely like. But you shouldn’t forget that in order to obtain the Six Sigma credential, you should pass the relevant exams. Exam-Labs can help you with the study materials for these tests, so you can prepare for the exam and pass it in two ticks. Good luck!



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