Evening Desert Safari In Dubai

The natural desert that his natural beauty. There is no need for any artificial beauty. Because the desert
already looks beautiful already and this natural look attracts the people. It appears a fabulous beauty of
the natural surrounding that attracts the people toward the desert. The people, who want to do new
adventures, enjoy desert moments, fun and fully entertaining. So, visited the Evening desert safari.

The sunrise is a very natural incident. We are actually very busy in our life to enjoy these beautiful and
romantic moments with our loved ones so here when you saw the sunrise or after the beautiful little
light with dark shadow will make the desert’s beauty on the peak. This is the best time to enjoy those
moments in front of you and looking with your eyes.


The Evening Desert Safari is the best place for you. Don’t waste your time because we are here to serve
you and guide you the best. So planned to visit the Safari or avail our best package deal. We are giving
you so cheap rates that give you full enjoy an economical way. That is the place which you never forget
it. The memories leave footprints in your heart that always safe in your mind also.

The packages of Evening Desert Safari

There are many exciting activities or places where you want to visit. We suggest you take our desert
safari package and enjoy your best moments with us. When you visited that place once in your life you
definitely think that this the right place which you explores from many times and splendor or shady look
of the desert in sunlight gives a fabulous touch on the desert.

You may find here many startling activities that give you so adventurous glance with magnificent dune
bashing, quad bike, and sand boarding. We give special attention to our customers and must take care
of your entertainment. We never allow you to feel bored here. We provide you refreshment by time,
provide you a different type of drinks what you want, provide you full comfort in khymas(camps). Tea
and coffee is also available time by time to make you fresh. Junk foods are also available or any other
things you want extra are also avail here.


Our desert safari deals (choose the deal which you like the most)

We have different packages that are suitable for your budget. You can select the package which you
think is best for you and your family. We have Basic, Advanced and golden package that is waiting for
your booking so don’t think just check the deal and book your trip with us. We will wait to give you our
friendly services.
We make sure to you that you never feel bored here. You can also enjoy the ladies belly dance that
makes your fun more excited. Different type of smoking items or flavors is also available. You can drive
also independently here if you have confidence in your skills. The driving is not an easy task here. So
make your mind active and think about the desert safari and let book your ride with us.

Basic package

Pick and drop from the standard location by bus
50 AED
1 TO 4 persons 70 AED
5 TO 29 persons 65 AED
30 TO 59 persons 60 AED
60 TO 99 persons 50 AED

Advanced Package

Pick and drop from Sharjah/Dubai by 4*4
1 to 4 persons 120 AED
5 to 29 persons 110 AED
30 or more persons 90 AED


High Package

Pick and drop from Sharjah/Dubai by Land Cruiser
Only for single person 130 AED

Silver Package

Pick and drop from the standard location by Bus or Quad bike
1 to 4 persons 140 AED
5 to 29 persons 130 AED
30 or above persons 120 AED

Golden Package

Pick and drop from Dubai/Sharjah location by 4*4 and Quad bike
1 to 12 persons 170 AED
13 to 29 persons 160 AED
30 plus members 150 AED


Self-drive package

13 TO 29 persons 40 AED
30 plus 35 AED

Complete package


Luxury package

2000 AED 1 to 7 persons