‘Even Pakistan Handled COVID Better’, Rahul Gandhi Attacks PM Modi Again

Rahul Gandhi
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The former President of the Indian National Congress, Rahul Gandhi hit out at the Narendra Modi government once again. This time, he criticized the government for its poor handling of the COVID situation in the country.

Gandhi took to his Twitter account to criticize the government on the latest economic projections made by the International Monetary Fund where it said that the country is set to have a contraction up to 10.3 percent by the end of this year. Gandhi tagged the chart and called it a “solid achievement” by the NDA government. The chart had also had projections for other Asian countries like Bangladesh, Nepal, China, Bhutan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Afghanistan. The 10.3 percent contraction of the Indian economy is set to be the highest among the mentioned countries. Gandhi wrote,


“Another solid achievement by the BJP government. Even Pakistan and Afghanistan handled COVID better than India.”

Continuous Attacks On The Government

Earlier this week, Gandhi had taken another jibe at the government when the International Monetary Fund’s report came out saying that Bangladesh is set to overtake India in terms of per capita GDP this year and had called it a “solid achievement” of the BJP’s tenure that he called “hate-filled cultural nationalism.”

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The novel coronavirus pandemic has severely dented the Indian economy including millions of jobs lost. The massive projections of 10.3 percent contraction predicted by the International Monetary Fund come as a shock to many but it was something the economists had warned about. However, a saving grace here is that India is likely to come back with an outstanding 8.8 percent growth rate in the year 2021. With that, it is expected to regain its position as the fastest-growing emerging economy by overtaking China who is projected to grow at 8.2 percent as per the International Monetary Fund.


Source: NDTV