12 Epic Love Stories From The Time And History Which Ended In A Great Tragedy

love stories

Love is a powerful emotion and throughout history, love has been the reason for wars and controversy. Love is also the reason for the creation of masterpieces in writing, music, and art. From the allure of Baji Rao and Mastani’s story to the magnetism of the Cleopatra and Mark Anthony’s story, these love affairs have stood as markers in history. The affair and love of these people had for their special one might have been mere gossip in their time for few. But their stories survived time in the form of changing the course of history.

Baji Rao and Mastani

Mastani was the second wife of Bajirao. She is believed to be the prince from Hyderabad by some and others think she was a mere dancer in his cour. It was not just her pretty face but many the many talents of Mastani that attracted Bajirao. She was an expert in horse riding, sword fighting, religious studies, war affairs, poetry, dance and music and she fought alongside Bajirao in several military expeditions. But she was not accepted by the Brahmin community. When Bajirao died after a long illness she also committed suicide.

Cleopatra and Mark Anthony

Cleopatra is remembered as most beautiful women in history and as the last Pharaoh of Egypt. She fell in love with Mark Anthony after the death of Julius Caesar. Their relationship lasted 11 years until Anthony took his life on receiving false news of his lover’s death. Octavian led the Roman army into conquering Egypt and Cleopatra took her life by inducing an asp bite in her.

Love Stories

Bonnie and Clyde

Bunty Aur Babli, the famous Bollywood movie was inspired by the story of was Bonnie and Clyde. They are notorious robbers and con artists from the United States during the Great Depression. They left the police reeling in their pursuit. Bonnie always stood by Clyde and both committed many crimes they together. They were trapped by police after the betrayal of their gang members. Bonnie died in the arms of her partner’s lifeless body.

Love Stories

Romeo And Juliet

We have all read or heard about Romeo and Juliet a tragic love story written by William Shakespeare. But how many of you know that they were real people and not just the characters from the play. Yes, it is an enduring tragic true love story of the two young star-crossed lovers. Their deaths ultimately united their feuding families. Romeo and Juliette were based in Verona, Italy.

Love Stories

Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal

Shah Jahan had three wives, his favorite being Mumtaz Mahal but She died during childbirth while she was delivering their 14th child. In memory of beloved Mumtaz, Shah Jahan built her a mausoleum. The Taj Mahal is well known as one of the Seven Wonders of the World and the memorial of great love.

Love Stories

Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson

In 1931, the Edward of Wales met Wallis Simpson, an American divorcee. It was love at first sight. Edward became king after his father died in 1936. His marriage to the widow would shake the very foundations of the monarchy, the church, and the British Parliament and thus thinking about it he was unable to discharge his duties properly. When he was Left with no choice, he stepped down from his throne and gave it to his brother only to married Wallis. The coupled lived in exile in France under the titles of “Duke and Duchess of Windsor”.

Love Stories

Prithviraj Chauhan and Samyukta

The saga of Prithviraj Chauhan and Samyukta is one of the greatest Indian love stories. Prithviraj Chauhan was in love with Samyukta. She was the daughter of his rival Jaichand of Kannauj. Jaichand arranged a swayamvara for Samyukta. He invited every king and prince but to humiliate Prithviraj he didn’t invite Prithviraj.

Moreover, he got a clay statue of Prithviraj and made him serve as a doorman. But Samyukta also decided to put the garland across the statue of Prithviraj. It is said that he was hiding behind his own statue and he took Samyukta and escaped from there. After he was defeated by Mohammad Ghori Samyukta killed herself performing Jauhar.

Love Stories

Nur Jahan and Mughal emperor Jahangir’s

Her real name was Mehr-un-Niss. She was Mughal emperor Jahangir’s twentieth and most favorite wife. Jahangir was so enchanted with her beauty that he had to kill her husband to acquire her. She was so disgusted with this act of Jehangir that she refused him for 6 years. After 6 years she consented to marry him. Noorjahan was also his chief consort, and later ruled for almost 20 years!

Love Stories

Quli Qutub Shah and Bhagmati

Muhammad Quli Qutub Shah, saw a beautiful woman named Bhagmati while passing through a village on the other side of Musi river and fell in love with her. Despite the opposition from family because Bhagmati was a commoner and Hindu he finally succeeded into marrying her. She was named Hyder Mahal after marriage. He formed an entire city around Bhagmati’s village and it was named as Hyderabad.

Love Stories

Mumal and Mahendra

This is a story of a beautiful Rajput girl, Mumal and Rana Mahendra of Umer Kot. It was love at first sight. Mahendra found a fast camel and he used to travel to Jaisalmer daily and back from Umer Kot every night. His family was against it and they broke the legs of the camel to stop him. But he couldn’t be stopped. He bought another camel and started going to Jaisalmer but once he accidentally reached Barmer instead. When he understood his mistake he started again for Jaisalmer. Mumal waited for him.

To keep her company her sisters dressed up as men to entertain her. One sister who was dressed as a man ended up sleeping in Mumal’s bed with her. Mahendra saw this when he came to Kak Mahal and he left disgusted leaving his riding camel behind. Mumal’s tried to tell him the truth but her pleadings went in vain. To prove her innocence, she set a fire and jumped into it. Mahendra came to save her but Mumal was already in flames it is said that to be with her forever, Mahendra also jumped in the fire.

Love Stories

Pierre and Marie Curie

The two scientists met in Paris. Marie was a student in France and She rejected Pierre’s proposal because she wanted to return to Poland. But Pierre’ was willing to follow her to Poland. They married a year later. The couple made several breakthroughs in science while working together. The most important was discovering elements like radium and polonium and winning the Nobel prize for discovering radioactivity.

Love Stories

Prince Salim and courtesan Anarkali

Many of us must have seen the great film Mughal-E-Azam, the story of Prince Salim and courtesan Anarkali. But this is not just the film It is a real love story of the Mughal prince Salim, and the Anarkali. Because Anarkali was just the slave Salim’s father, the emperor Akbar was not happy with their affair. This led to Salim declaring war against Akbar and, Akbar won the war. It is claimed that to save Salim, Anarkali sacrificed herself by being entombed alive.

Love Stories

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