Enjoy A Beach Holiday In Mykonos With Family And Friends

source: lonely planet

Mykonos is one of the popular islands located in Greece that attracts a lot of visitors due to attractive beaches. It is an excellent choice for those who want to spend their vacation with their family and others. On the other hand, first-time visitors should follow certain tips for making the trip a successful one. It is necessary to fix an itinerary before planning a trip to the islands. Apart from that, it will help a lot to explore several things which ultimately give ways to ensure complete entertainment.

The island is the right destination for celebrating a honeymoon and other events in a peaceful environment. In addition, it enables tourists to perform a wide range of outdoor activities on beaches and other places thereby showing ways to witness more satisfaction.


What are the things to do in Mykonos?

1. Elia Beach

Elia Beach in Mykonos has the longest stretch of white sands with transparent waters and plenty of tavernas. Moreover, the beach covers several bars enabling visitors to relax their mind from tension and other problems.

2. Boat trips to Delos

Delos Island in Mykonos is a UNESCO world heritage site and one can choose a boat trip to the place for discovering archaeological sites. A guided tour in Delos is one of the best things to do in Mykonos enabling visitors to experience more adventure.

3. Windmills in Chora

The windmills in Chora are one of the significant landmarks in the Island allowing tourists to watch the sunset accordingly. However, the place has not transformed into a museum and one can know more about the history and other things in detail.


4. Churches

Mykonos is home to several churches and visitors can find them in different places. There are approximately 60 churches on the islands and each of them built with unique features that can mesmerize visitors.

5. Scuba diving

Mykonos is an ideal one for scuba diving activity and there are many beaches which let tourists perform the same accordingly. However, it is necessary to consider the safety measures before carrying out the task in a place.

6. Snorkeling

Snorkeling is an underground activity allowing a person to access various things below the sea. One can rent snorkeling equipment from a nearby shop at affordable prices for performing the task with ease.


Travel tips to Mykonos

1. Public transport

A bus is the only public transport available in Mykonos which covers most places. However, the bus trips are not convenient in the evening and one has to wait for a long time.

2. Best time to visit the islands

Tourists should know the best time to visit the islands before making a trip. The ideal time to visit the destination is from the middle of spring until the middle of the town. It is a wise one to avoid a trip during the summer due to excess heat conditions.

3. Currency exchange

Euro is the currency used in Mykonos and visitors can exchange the same in post offices, banks or private currency exchanges. Most banks offer the best rates for tourists allowing them to make a trip without any difficulties. They work from morning 8 Am till 2 pm to 3 pm which fulfills the expectations of visitors.


4. Renting a scooter

Renting a scooter or ATV is the best option for visitors because it gives ways to make a trip to beaches around the island. In fact, it allows a person to access the beauty of the islands accordingly.

5. Tipping

Most hotels and restaurants in Mykonos accept tips from visitors. One can offer tips based on the services in a hotel and other places.

6. Taxis

It is impossible to get taxis in the streets of Mykonos and visitors should make arrangements in advance for overcoming complications while making a trip. Apart from that, it will help a lot to experience peace of mind to a large extent.

7. Safety measures

Tourists should understand the basics of the precaution measures in crowded places because they are easily prone to pickpockets and other activities. It is necessary to make a trip safely on the roads and other places for minimizing the risks effectively. Visitors should avoid traveling in remote areas while planning a trip to Mykonos.


8. Eating cheap foods

Street foods and snacks cost only a few euros in the islands enabling tourists to save more money. Therefore, it is advisable to spend money on them that can help to accomplish goals on a trip.

9. Knowing the laws

Visitors should know the local laws properly when making a trip to Mykonos. This, in turn, gives ways to schedule a trip in advance that can help to make it a memorable one.

Renting budget hotels in Mykonos

Mykonos offers many things for visitors allowing them to ensure more happiness. On the other hand, it is a wise one to choose budget hotels because they help to focus more on the objectives with special attention. Although there are many budget hotels available on the island, one should evaluate them from different sources for making a better decision.

There are many hotel websites which allow visitors to book rooms with ease. However, it is an important one to evaluate the property for choosing the best website. It is possible to compare the prices of budget hotels in Mykonos online allowing visitors to choose a package depending on the requirements.

A budget hotel makes feasible ways for planning a trip with family members and others at affordable rates. It even covers modern amenities for guests enabling them to ensure high-level comforts. Some of them include Wi-Fi, laundry, television, and so on. Most hotels provide huge discounts on a package enabling visitors to experience a fine accommodation.


It is a wise one to follow the instructions properly while booking a hotel online. Another thing is that it contributes more to enjoy a vacation in the islands based on the choices. In most cases, budget hotels will fulfill the expectations of guests when it comes to prices and other things.