Never-Heard Ways Of Handling Faulty Electronic Appliances at Home That Makes You Say ‘What The Hack!’

Electronic Appliances

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But, in this article, you are going to get great ideas on how to maximize the energy efficiency in your home by various methods. It can include options such as electrical rewiring, selection of new electronic appliances or keeping the home safe. Even if you are in the process of building a new home, or preparing to renovate the existing home you can find the tips right in this article.


Technology has advanced at a faster pace than the previous century, and many of the new innovations are directed at the new home. A time may come, when every appliance in the home can be controlled from your smart phone. Or a new innovation may come when the house walls changes its colors as per your moods, and a “ROBOT” could do the necessary daily home duties for you. Reading these words may seem science fiction, but the reality is that the smart home and robots are already available in some parts of the world.

Electronic Appliances

And if you are just reminding yourself, that the house has already completed its 25th year anniversary, then, it is high time that you check if the wiring is in tandem with the local electrical codes.

An alert should sound in your mind, when any of the electronic appliances such as the washing machine, microwave oven or television shows signs of malfunction. Even though, you may be educated, there are possibilities of having the feeling – the problem is confined only to the specific appliance. It may not be TRUE. A faulty appliance can make way for high fluctuations of electricity in the home system. The result will be a minor wear and tear on other appliances or it may stretch to an electrical fire.


In case, you get a sixth sense of a similar problem in your house, then it is mandatory to discontinue usage of the appliance. You can get the best repair professional from the home companies who provide doorstep repair services. Once fixed and given the thumbs-up sign, your life will be normal again.

What Is The Maximum Damage That Can Occur To Your Home?

When a malfunctioning appliance sends a sudden burst of electricity to the home’s electrical system, the circuit breaker will trip. You will suffer loss of electricity. In case of a similar situation under immediate circumstances, it should be the earliest symptom that a problem has crept and is in the initial stage.

The electrical person, during the construction of your home, has installed this safety mechanism to stop future damage to the electrical appliances. So, without giving a thought, it is not advisable to just flip the switch back to the original place and ignore the real root cause. If you follow the same technique, it may be the perfect setting of creating opportunities for more electrical damage.


Appliances in Bengaluru

You may have protection of the circuit breakers, but if the problems are more severe, then the to-be repaired appliances may cause problems in three ways. They are physical damage, surge damage and damage by fire.

1. Physical Damage

If the surges are small, you can see only sparks. If large, they can burn components such as the delicate connector in electrical outlets and light switches. Even when the old components are replaced by new ones, you can easily make out the signs of melted plastic and scorch marks.

The time taken for the damage is hardly less than a second. But it is enough to cause damage to switches or outlets and make them inoperable. In these cases, you should hire the services of a skilled electrician to replace the damaged components. More important, you should find out the root cause of the spike in electricity levels.


In case you have children, imagine the sorry plight when they touch an appliance and suffering a shock.

2. Surge Damage

In recent times, surge protectors are used for every home appliance such as the computer, television and other electronic items. This method prevents and protects the sensitive microprocessors as they may be easily damaged because of power fluctuations. The reason can be due to power outage and lightning strikes.

But do you know the fluctuations may also take place internally, and this can happen every day? When you switch on the refrigerators and air conditioners, they use excess energy on the initial stages. So, small levels of unwanted power are, in turn, shared with other appliances. In case of a malfunctioning electronic appliance, there will be high amounts of power.

ways to handle appliances

In a similar situation, if you have electronic items possessing microprocessors they can get permanently damaged. Or they can suffer small repairs which will ultimately reduce their life span.


3. Fire Damage

In the most worrisome of situations, the malfunctioning appliance may cause an electrical short circuit that can give rise to fires. A tiny fire may happen inside the electronic appliances, but the severity of the damage will depend on their occurrence. If the same appliance is kept near curtains, wallpaper, then the fire will spread quickly. The main reason, you have to give undue importance for fire damage – imagine if a short circuit leads to fire and your family is not present at home?

Electronic Appliances

Do you get the main reason as to why even small issues should be addressed at the slightest signs of malfunction in an electronic appliance?

You can have the best appliances at home, but it is even worthy to have a combination of smoke detectors, fire extinguishers in case you have expensive electronic items.


There was a time, when your ancestors did manual work of household duties such as washing clothes, cleaning the dishes, heating the food etc. In recent times, life has become fast-paced and electronic appliances have been invented to save human time and energy. Thus, you have the washing machine for washing and drying clothes, the dishwasher for cleaning the food plates and microwave oven for food.

The best way to appreciate the electronic appliances is to safeguard them with proper electrical equipment and keep them clean. If you have doubts regarding malfunction in any of the electronic appliances, ensure to get the best services of qualified and skilled electricians in Bangalore.


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