‘Educated But Unemployed’ : Twitterati Reacts To The Plight Of Teachers In UP And Other States

Teachers are the real superheroes who nurture the future of any country. Indeed this is a novel profession, but the plight of teachers in the state of Uttar Pradesh and all over the country is quite depressing. The aspiring teachers have to undergo severe protests to secure a job.


crowd of candidates appearing for UPSC examinations

Years Long Struggle For A Job

Earlier, candidates demonstrated in front of the UP Vidhan Sabha for increasing the count from mere 17000 to 97000 for the recruitment of Assistant Teacher position. In the midst of severe cold and rain, the candidates were seen in an on ground demonstration. Some students also sat under the police car, later being subject to lathi charge.


Since a couple of weeks, several netizens have taken it to Twitter inorder to draw the attention of the BJP- led UP government on the employment concerns. Similar to BJP’s election slogan, ‘Aapki baar’, a Twitter user took to write, “nahi chahiye 17000, aapki baar 97000”. While another tweeted, “koi bahana nahi chalega #97000_शिक्षकभर्ती_जारी_करो (no excuse would work…).”