This 13th Floor Ebony Restaurant in Bengaluru Offers You An Incredible Buffet At Just INR 455


Buffet food service is extremely popular in modern culture. We love the quick service and freedom of choice that buffets provide. For a hearty meal in the form of a lavish buffet, and a view that is possibly unmatched in the whole city, head to Ebony, at the top of Barton Centre.


The ebony restaurant is located on the 13th Floor and gives the customer an envious view of the Bangaluru skyline. Also, the Bangaluru weather being always pleasant, the open air section is really popular as it is always cool and in the night time you have the stars for company. The restaurant has a wide-ranging cocktail menu and a vast number of seating options on the two terraces. However, the restaurant is a perfect spot for an intimate dinner, family gathering or a corporate celebration.

What do they have?

There are some dishes that you need to go for. Start with Sundried tomato and roasted red pepper soup or Thom yum soup. They have Italian stuffed mushrooms, Bao Ling vegetables, chicken satay, Patra ni Macchi which tastes incredible.

Besides the menu will have chairman’s special sirloin steak, slowly braised lamb shanks, mutton dhansak, penne Marco-polo, mudaliar prawn pulao, Malaysian massaman curry, padh Thai, and stir-fried prawns. The dessert menu keeps changing and one needs to ask the waiter for the dessert items.


Pick the buffet if you go for lunch. Besides, it features the best of their Indian, Asian and European selections in a buffet spread which features close to 18 dishes in 4 courses. It costs you INR 455 from Monday to Thursday and INR 495 Friday to Sunday. With an extensive cocktail menu and a vast number of seating options, the restaurant is an ideal choice of an intimate dinner, a family gathering or even a corporate celebration.


All You Need to know

Ebony is known for having some lesser-known dishes and eclectic mix of Indian regional cuisines on the menu, making for an interesting dining experience. Ask to be seated outdoors so you can enjoy the view of Bangalore city as you eat. There is adequate reserved parking for more than 100 cars which makes it all the more better.


Hence, started in 1993, it is situated in a public building called Barton Centre on MG Road, Bangalore. Ebony serves an interesting mix of Indian, Parsee, European and South Asian food. The first executive chef was a Parsi friend of the owners, Zubin Aria, who introduced a few Parsi dishes in the menu; in fact, it was often referred to as a Parsi restaurant.

Address: Hotel Ivory Tower, Barton Center, 13th Floor, 84, M.G. Road, Bengaluru.

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