From Sakkare Pongal To Puliyogre, Eat Repeat At Basavanagudi Is A Must-Visit Place For Home Cooked Food

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Break the stereotypes and discover the real pulse of South India by indulging in these delicious dishes that are absolutely worth trying at Eat Repeat. With a limited but diverse menu, Eat Repeat keeps the taste and quality of the food up to the mark.

This place serves authentic Iyengar style South Indian food which is opened for the customers mostly during lunch hours. It is very much a house which is now converted into a lunch home. However, if you are looking forward to having a pleasant and satisfying lunch, try these delicious home-cooked dishes at Eat Repeat.


Authentic Home-Cooked Iyengar Style Food

Explaining about the foods that are available here, firstly, we will start with Sakkarai Pongal, an authentic dessert which is made from jaggery, moong dal, coconut milk, rice, and dry fruits. There is a lot of effort and love that is added in this dish that makes anyone fall in love with it.

Secondly, the divine taste of Puliyogare. It reminds us of the Prsadam that is given to the devotees in various temples. This dish is basically a sour and spiced rice recipe. It is cooked with adding balanced spice and tamarind that makes the taste and aroma of the food the most popular breakfast.

Eat Repeat

Then we have their Ambode, a snack prepared from soaked and coarsely grounded chana dal and urad dal. Ambode is basically eaten alongside sambar rice in Karnataka. They also have Chapatis, Kara Pongal, Curd rice and sambar rice as a lunch menu. However, Eat repeat always changes their menu on a daily basis, as they update their menu on their Facebook Page each and every day.


Eat Repeat

All about Eat Repeat

This place is unique for there authentic Brahmin food and taste. The prices are so less that food taste is more worth than what you pay. Including, the staff who are very friendly and handle customers really well. Therefore, this place can get pretty crowded at around 1:30 pm.

The hard work of the couple Sangeeta and Kannan Sharangapani has made Eat Repeat a must-visit place. They also have a partner named Hemanth. Being foodies, these three people are basically engineers who came up with an idea to serve people with home-cooked foods.

Eat Repeat

Where: Eat Repeat


No 1, Old No 58, 4th cross, 4th main, N R Colony, Basavanagudi
Bangalore, India

Timing: 11 am To 3 pm