Easier ways to reduce your Sleep Quota

sleep quota

Do you know about easier ways to reduce your sleep quota? We live in a world where time is everything, it’s valuable and very precious and some of us spent most of the time sleeping, some because they love to sleep and many others are sleeping for more than the required hours as they are helpless and can’t awake in time.

For those who are willing to try and decrease their sleep quota can surely go through this article and it will truly help you to reduce the sleep quota with ease and convenience. There is a thin line between sleep and full rest, many gets confuse and some assume their misconception to be true. Our body needs rest I accept, but rest doesn’t always mean sleep.

If you need to start waking up earlier but still feel tired, short power naps can help rest the body and reduce the hours you need at night. A daybed sofa can easily be incorporated into an office and fitted with a quality mattress as shown here at WellWorthLiving.com. Light stretching can also improve circulation and increase the supply of oxygen to the brain, making you feel more alert and energized. A leading cause of excessive sleep is a poor diet, keep reading for tips on how to improve this problem.

Easier ways to reduce your Sleep Quota


One of the simplest ways to reduce sleep quota is by checking your food habits which may not be always but for sure most of the times, the reason behind your excess sleep. Try eating more of fruits and vegetables which can be eaten raw. Practice eating on time and eat properly hence it will eventually reduce your sleep quota. Medication can sometimes be very good for your health, mind, and soul.


It is advisable to have food within 1.5 to 2 hours after it’s cooked. One of the reasons for excess sleep is because of eating food kept in the fridge which will have many side effects to your health apart from excess sleep. Once the food is kept in the fridge it loses its originality and may not be as good as it was when it was just cooked causing you to sleep excess than required.


One of the mental state of a human being (this doesn’t apply to everyone, certain exceptions) asks for food right before sleeping or else they can’t sleep, but let me tell you this is not the right practice. There should be at least a gap of minimum of 2 hours between your meal and sleep. If you sleep right after having the food, it is just a waste of the 80% of the food won’t be digested properly adding to trouble you with excess sleep. Watch your food habits as it is essential and important. You respect your body, it will respect you and vice versa.

These were few ways to decrease your sleep quota, mostly food habits can make a difference and you also need to have a strong will to calm down your mind, try meditation and don’t keep yourself forcefully awake as it might again affect your sleeping schedule.

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