8 Best Ways to Earn Money While Traveling

Being able to explore the planet is ideal for many. However, the cost of it is also what stops many from doing so. If this is the case for you, you might want to revisit your dream of exploration from a new perspective. This is because what might surprise you is that there’s a variety of ways to expand your budget on your travels.

Try Writing

Writing isn’t something just limited to novelists anymore. On top of that, there is plenty of content that needs creating online. From blog posts to technical pieces, there is a niche for everyone. Someone with a knack for academic writing can even be engaged in analytical paper writing. Nowadays, there are a lot of services that help students to prepare their essay. And writers can get a job, wherever they are. So everyone wins here.


From the other hand, there is another option. To make a testament to adventure, an individual could even begin a lifestyle blog about your travels. As this content gains momentum, it can be monetized. An author can accomplish this with ads, affiliate links, and sponsorships.

Freelance Photography

A lot of people want photographs of different destinations. Some examples include travel guides, tourism businesses, and various blogs and magazines. For those with an even more adventurous spirit, truly unique photos of wildlife can be licensed to brands such as National Geographic!

earn money while traveling

Rent Out Your Home

When away from home, most often the house sits empty. With the rise of services such as Airbnb, though, it’s easy to use that empty house to fill a wallet. To do this, simply rent out the house to paying guests! It’s easier to do than you might think and you can find guides to help get started with this.


Work as a Consultant

When someone’s looking for a job which lets them travel, they should consider being a business consultant. Consultants typically have an area of expertise such as marketing or management. Instead of being committing themselves to a single company, they help a variety of businesses better their operations.

earn money while traveling

Teach English

Being an English teacher in an English-speaking school doesn’t lend itself to adventure. On the other hand, teaching English as a second language can lead someone around the globe. ESL teachers do need to be licensed. A guide to getting a license and more information on the career can be found on the ESL Teacher EDU website.

Online Selling

Crafty and creative individuals can even make things and sell them online. Thanks to sites like Etsy, there is a market for anything someone might make. This can range from clothes to jewelry to art and more.


A lot of locations also have markets that you can utilize to share wares in if you’d like to tap offline sales as well.

Take Advantage of Seasonal Work

While traveling, the potential for landing a seasonal or transient position is high. As an example, someone could earn money spending a week helping out on a farm or putting the time in at an orchard. This is a way to make some extra cash without getting caught up in a long term position.

As an extra benefit, some farmers who are looking for a helping hand also offer a place to stay for these temporary workers. The more demanding the work usually means the higher the pay.


earn money while traveling

Try Out Construction Work

Those with expertise in carpentry or woodwork can find work on projects as they move from place to place. Again, these jobs usually start and end with the project. So, if someone completes a project, they aren’t necessarily required to stay on for the next job.


While the popular perspective is traveling comes with a high monetary cost, it can also earn a pretty sum as well. With a creative and entrepreneurial mindset, you can monetize your adventures in a variety of ways!