5 Popular E-Commerce Companies around the World


The onset of the E-commerce services has brought an entire market to the customer from all over the world. It has changed the concept of traditional ways of shopping and has expanded the limits to a point which seems to have no end. In a technology-driven world, E-Commerce is definitely a trending thing. Here are some of the most popular E-Commerce companies around the world that have brought the globe in your laptop or mobile screen.

1. AliExpress

One of the topnotch E-Commerce Company based in China, is completely a wholesale site. The products are absolutely reliable and worth the value. The site not only sells the stuff but connects the buyer to the seller too. Starting from a needle to high-end technology machines, AliExpress has a huge collection of products to choose from. It can be accessed from any part of the world and at any time. It has delivery available to even the remotest parts of the world. AliExpress Coupons extend the best deals in its products.


2. Amazon

Founded in the year 1994, the company is a leading E-Commerce name. It is one of the biggest retailing companies in the world. Bringing the world closer, Amazon always has aimed at delivering the best service and at right time to the consumers. Whether it is grocery, electronics, home décor, or clothing, name it and Amazon has it all. It has an amazing collection of different brands to help you choose the best one suiting your choice. Because of cloud computing technology, the company has gained quite the popularity in recent years. Don’t forget to check out Amazon Promo Code for great discounts.


3. Walmart

If you are looking for products of premier quality, then definitely tune in to Walmart. Walmart is just like a normal store but the best feature of using its E-Commerce section is to get the best prices for the same goods. A very user-friendly service, it has found its use by millions of customers from all around the world. The company has goals to deliver quality services at the doorstep and provide a distinct experience on internet shopping. You can check for discounts, coupons, gift cards, etc. to shop to the heart’s content.


4. eBay

A San Hose based company, eBay has now developed as a multi-national industry. It has become a tough competitor to the leading E-Commerce companies present and is expected to break all the records soon due to its growing fame. It is the largest shopping mall in the world right on your laptop or smartphone screen. Fashion, electronics, home furnishing, grocery, and more, the site has a wide range of products for the customers. It deals with all the certified products and is well-known for its fast, on-time services.


5. Rakuten

Rakuten is a paramount company in the sphere of E-Commerce. A business to business and business to customer, the company has a huge network. Health-care, baby products, beauty, clothing, fashion, machinery, electronics, grocery, day-to-day valuables, and many more; Rakuten is a one-stop destination for a shopper. An exciting feature of this site is that, the more you use it, the better deals you get and adding to these are the reward points that you collect with each shop. This Tokyo based company is doing really well in the global market.


E-Commerce online shopping is a shopper’s stop in a true sense. All you need to do is just sit back and relax.



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