‘Drone Prathap’ Speaks Out: Here Is How He Has Defended The Allegations Of False Accomplishments

In an interview with Suvarna News, Prathap NM has come out and defended the allegations levied against him by a website. According to the website, the accomplishments showcased by Prathap so far are false and fake.

“It’s a conspiracy”

Prathap said that he had recently received an offer from a few individuals regarding a collaboration. The individuals wanted Prathap to work along with them in developing sophisticated drone technologies. However, Prathap could not take up the offer due to unspecified reasons, and hence, according to him, these individuals are now carrying out the slander campaign against him.


Photographs with the Logos of Brands

Regarding the photographs of the drones with logos of brands that are being circulated, Prathap said that his drones have utilized the motors and profilers of these brands and hence, their logos can be seen on his drones.

Courtesy: OpIndia

“There is a reason for not making my technology public”

Prathap talked about his dream of utilizing his inventions in bettering a few defense technologies of the country. So, to make sure that his technology does not get recreated unfairly, he said that he has kept his ideas secret till now.

“The timing of the events is suspicious”

Prathap revealed that a few days ago, he had received a call from National Technology Research Organization (NTRO) regarding a job offer. Now that this campaign has started just a few days later, he says there is a big plot behind it.


The Mandya native finished off saying that he would come in front of the media in a few days. He assured that he will arrive with enough proof to justify his innocence in the matter.

Source: Suvarna News