Drone Pratap’s Tale of Hardwork: Walked 16 Km Everyday To Take Tuition For 2 Hours To Earn Rs 20

On Friday night, Prathap NM appeared live in front of the TV for the first time after a national website published an article questioning his accomplishments so far. Considering he was a highly revered figure in the state, naturally, the curiosity was high when it was announced that Prathap NM would come in front of the media.

Prathap’s tale of his hardwork

Of the many topics that Mr. Prathap talked about, the ones that caught our eyes the most were his stories about his upbringing and the hard work that he had to put in to reach all the way to the top.


He said that in 2 years, he had read close to 70000 research papers relating to his field of interest. However, on being questioned further, he revealed that he only read the abstract of these papers, and if only they were of interest, he completed reading the remaining information in the paper.

In another story, Prathap revealed that, at the age of 17, he walked 16 kilometers every day to take tuition so that he could earn Rs 20 that he was promised. This way, he accumulated money, and purchased the components that were required to build his drones.

Drone Pratap (1)

The struggle at the start

Furthermore, Prathap divulged details regarding the patience levels he had to display in order to achieve success with his inventions. He said that none of the drones that he had built at the start worked properly. As per his words, most of them fell down after hitting trees and walls while few went completely missing. Not getting bogged down, he said that he learned from his mistakes, and went forward along with his ideas.


Source: B Tv News