Dravya Shetty’s Journey From Kelavu Dinagala Nanthara To Kaliyuga Ravana Is Indeed Very Interesting

Dravya Shetty

Dravya Shetty slowly and steadily is making her mark in the Kannada film industry. It all started for her when she was just 19 years old. This girl from Chikmagalur from Karnataka was selected for her first movie Kelavu Dinagala Nanthara by a lady reporter.

This reporter found her ideally suitable for movies. Here is a detailed breakup of her journey into the film industry:


Dravya Shetty Gaining Foothold Without Godfather

There is one similar trend in the film industry be it Bollywood or South Indian movies. The kids of yesteryear actors get a good launch and entry into this world. For those who are aspiring for a career in the film industry and do not have any backing, the struggle can be very long and difficult.

However, it seems God intended that Dravya Shetty joins the movie business. Because without any backing or godfather in the film industry, Dravya managed to get her first movie without much effort.

She used to be a part of the fashion world from her pre-university days. Dravya has also reached the finals of a state-wide beauty pageant.


Social Media Photos Led To Her First Movie    

Dravya posted her pictures of the pageant on social media. When a lady film reporter saw them she asked Dravya Shetty to audition for a movie. Initially, the young actress was reluctant and unsure about joining the film fraternity. But with the insistence from the reporter and support from her family, she finally landed a role in Kelavu Dingala Nanthara.

Her next movie was Best Friends. It is the first film in Kannada that talks about lesbians. Dravya said that she felt like accepting this challenging role of a village girl character. According to Dravya, I liked the subject and that there was no vulgarity in the film.” Currently, the actress is in Chikmagalur for her exams.

After the exams, she will complete shooting for her fifth movie, Aghora for which she has to shoot one song. 90% of the shoot for this movie is already over. After that, she will start filming for Kaliyuga Ravana.


Dravya said, “The team is on the lookout to cast the main villain of the film. I play one of the leads and will start shooting as soon as they cast the villain, as my portions are with him. That is actually the twist in the tale that despite being with the villain, I represent goodness.”

dravya shetty


Dravya Shetty Is Making A Mark

Her first movie released in 2019 successfully completed 50 days in the theater whereas Best Friends released all over Karnataka in February this year.

Other two movies of Dravya Shetty viz. Naanya and Anche Pettige are on the editing table and will release soon. The sultry actress has also been roped in to be a part of the biggest reality show in Tamil – Soppanna Sundari telecast on Sun Life Channel.


Dravya says that she would love to do challenging roles with top teams and want to be a part of good ventures and subjects in the future.