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download video songs

Nowadays everyone wants to keep the video songs in Full HD quality with them. Everyone is fond of downloading and watching video songs, but we are unable to download video songs. There are some collection lovers too, who love to make a collection of their favorite hero’s or heroine’s songs collection. You might have looked for the videos at many websites but most of the websites provide a fake download link, just attract people to their website to get website clicks.

Yesterday, I was looking at this list of sites for latest movie downloads, then I was looking for sites to download video songs. But I didn’t find any good list so I thought to create a new post on this topic today. But you don’t need to worry there are many websites which enables their user to download video songs in best quality available. Today, we have discussed about these websites like tubidy who enables the user to download video songs for free. So, without wasting any more time, let us just get into the garnered list of the websites. 


YouTube is one of the greatest platforms when it comes to video songs and availability of videos. It is also the second most searched search engine after Google. It provides a good amount of money and exposure to the video songs. Therefore, almost all the video song owners are attracted towards it and almost all the video songs are available there. But, youtube does not provide a download link due to some privacy issues. But there are some tricks mentioned below via which you can download the video.


1. Single click downloads.
2. Wide range of video songs available for free.
3. Easy to use User Interface.
4. Quality of songs is better everyone else.
5. Videos available in many different qualities.

Method 1: Save using

Step 1: Copy the URL of the video which you want to download.

Step 2: Then open in new window tab.

Step 3: There will an option to enter the URL. You just need to paste the URL in the box. As highlighted in the picture below.

download video songs

Step 4: Then all the download links available for the video will be available on the screen. You can download and enjoy the favorite songs of yours which you want to.

Method 2: Using SS Prefix in the URL

Step 1:Copy the URL of the video which you want to download.

Step 2: Then open a new window tab.

Step 3 : Paste the URL in the box.

Step 4: Then add ss before the link.

Fun Maza

Funmaza is another great place to download the video songs for free. It provides the users all the video songs. If you are a video song lover, then we would recommend you to use Funmaza, due to its quality of videos and sound quality. Single click download is available on this website. Unlike youtube, you can directly download the video from the website.


1. Single click downloads.
2. Wide range of video songs available for free.
3. Categorized structure of the website.
4. Easy to use User Interface.Clic
5. Albums are also available.
6. Best for collectors.

download video songs

Click here to go to FunMaza


It is the time when YouTube is dominating in the world of videos. No one would ever question that thing, but newhd website has created a great platform as compared to youtube. This website has tried their level best to provide their user with every facility to download video songs at the very ease. Newhd is really a very good platform to download video songs in better quality. Single click downloads are available in this website. And have many other features too which are mentioned below.


1. Single click downloads.
2. Wide range of video songs available for free.
3. Apart from Bollywood, from English to regional languages video songs are also available.
4. Easy to use User Interface.
5. Old video songs are available too.

Click here to go to NEWHD

download video songs

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