Popularly Known As Dosa Aunty, This Street Cart Joint in Bengaluru Has A Separate Fan Base

Vaishnavi & Deepak Jain Fast Food
Image Credits - What's Hot Bangalore

It wouldn’t be wrong if Bengaluru could get the tag of being the ’Dosa Capital’ of India. With almost every restaurant in the city serving this dish in innumerable varieties, our city does deserve this title if there was ever one to be.

Of many restaurants and individuals contributing to Bengaluru becoming a heaven for Dosa lovers, here is one small restaurant located in JC Road which has become a popular Dosa point in the last few years. Established almost two decades ago, Vaishnavi & Deepak Jain Fast Food is located exactly opposite to the Jain College on JC Road. Apart from Sundays, this place is open every day from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm.


Dosas Galore

With almost ten varieties of Dosas on offer, this joint is a perfect place for your healthy breakfast or a pocket-friendly lunch. Masala Dosa, Cheese Burst Dosa, Noodle Dosa, Pav Bhaji Dosa, and Rava Ghee Roast are some of the popular choices for the crowd in front of this joint. Almost all the dosas are priced at around Rs 60 and you would never feel that the rate is expensive because of the unique experience the joint offers.

dosa aunty in bangalore
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A Street-Cart Joint

Basically a street-cart, this eaterie does not fall into the category of a restaurant. There is a live dosa counter and a few chairs around the cart which are hardly seen unoccupied. Hence, enjoying your dosas while standing is probably your only option here.

Although the front of the cart is painted with its name “Vaishnavi & Deepak Jain Fast Food”, this joint is usually referred to as the “Dosa Aunty”. This is because of the woman who is the chief cook at this joint. With her ever-happy face, the “Dosa Aunty” delights her customers with impressive dosas and her lively nature.


dosa aunty in bangalore


Very few joints offer these many varieties of dosas at such reasonable prices. To start with, the Cheese Burst is one variety you cannot miss here. With the crunch dosas loaded with generous amounts of cheese, all your cravings for some tasty food would end with just one bite of this serving. Served with the equally impressive tomato and coconut chutney, the Cheese Burst is indeed a winner at this eatery.

An Indo-Chinese dish, the Noodle Dosa is an absolute treat for the flavor and the never-before experience that it offers. Very few five-star hotel chefs would have been more creative than our Dosa Aunty opposite the Jain College. This version of Dosa is one dish that will surely push your metabolism to the limits.

Apart from these two popular varieties, there are a number of other versions that will demand your attention here.


Where: 51, 1st Cross Rd, Vinobha Nagar, Sudhama Nagar, Bengaluru.

Open: Evenings