15 Things You Don’t Have To Say Sorry For And Be Guilty About


Sorry!! We all used this word many times, some of us use it daily and many of us use it according to situations, circumstances and of course our ego and self-respect matters!!! When you commit a mistake, saying sorry doesn’t mean you are weak and surely no less of a man or woman but, it actually brings you honor and a sense of satisfaction. Yes, Life is very complicated sometimes we even think that everything is our fault and the whole world is against us. This is actually, NOT TRUE! We keep Apologizing for some things which we don’t have to be. Well, all these depend on the decision we make and the thoughts in our mind.

We should never be apologizing for:


Being Yourself

You should never apologize for being yourself. Just because you tried something new and you were not successful in it, IT’S OK!! You don’t have to keep the guilt in you for being yourself. Always Love yourself, self-love is the beginning of other love.


Never apologize for being loyal. Just because you point out a mistake from your loved one that doesn’t mean you are bad. Being loyal to yourself and for those around you is not a crime.


Speak your Mind

Yeah! I don’t like it. Yes, you can actually say that without feeling the guilt. You can always speak up your mind even if the people around you don’t like it. You don’t have to be sorry for what they unlike.


NO is Just another Word

You surely have the right to choose between YES & NO. Just because your Friend is diet conscious and offers you a veggie salad, you don’t have to choose to say yes. You surely have the right to say NO without being sorry for it.


Change for Good

If you think you want to change yourself in one way or the other, you can always change for good. Change is inevitable, Change for good is always healthy don’t ever be guilty of it.

Let it GO

Somethings in life are never meant for us. Holding on to it will hurt us more, so just because you think a step ahead to let go of those things/feelings it surely not a thing to feel guilty about.


For Love

And you love that person who can never be yours? Its ok, you can’t help who you fall in love with, because love is something that just happens. Don’t ever keep the guilt or feel sorry for loving truly.

Cut Them Off

Negativity can be like a disease once it starts, it is hard to stop and the only medicine is to avoid it. Cut those people who influence negativity in your life. And yes, you don’t have to be sorry for avoiding them.


Passion is Love

Don’t ever be guilty of choosing what you love. Following your dreams is never a mistake; life is meaningless without pursuing your passions.



We shouldn’t have to be sorry for how we feel. We sometimes may need to apologize for how we act on our feelings, but never for being hurt, angry or even sad and expressing our feelings, there’s a difference.

Never for someone else

He/she may be your friend from your childhood or the love of your life, but Each and everyone is responsible for their own actions and behavior. You do not need to apologize for something they did or on behalf of someone else.

No one is perfect

All of us have our own imperfections. No one is perfect in this world and just because we are not perfect in something we shouldn’t have to be guilty about it.


Being Sensitive

You’re that Crybaby in your gang who needs time to heal up the wounds? Its Ok, being sensitive is never wrong. And there is nothing to feel guilty for being sensitive.


Demanding Sorry

Don’t ever be sorry when someone else demands it. Say sorry only when you mean it. It’s meaningless if you say sorry and you don’t mean it.

Caring Yourself

You can take that “ME” time and take care of yourself by spending on your own. Or to by taking that road trip you always loved for without being sorry for choosing what you love.

We hope that you found this post informative and motivating. Keep smiling. Today is your day.