Donald Trump Grateful For Indian-Americans’ Support: White House

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Courtesy: Twitter

In a statement made a few days ago, the White House said that President Donald Trump is grateful for the support he has been receiving from the Indian-Americans in the country.

White House responds to a survey result

According to the survey results conducted by Al Mason, co-chair of the Trump Victory Indian-American Finance Committee, more than 50 percent of Indian-Americans in the battleground states of Michigan, Florida, Texas, Pennsylvania, and Virginia are crossing over to support Trump. However, traditionally, Indian-Americans had been voting for the Democratic Party.


In reply to the results of this survey, White House Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Matthews said: “President Trump is incredibly grateful for the widespread support he has received from the people of India and from millions of Indian-Americans across the United States. Trump recognizes the vital role Indian-Americans play in bolstering our economy, enriching our culture, and strengthening our communities.

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The reason for this shift

Known to be admirers of the Democratic party, the shift in the support of the Indian Americans towards Trump is being attributed to the tremendous relationship the US leader has maintained with Indian Prime Minister Modi. The unemployment rate among Indian-Americans dropped by nearly 33 percent during Trump’s reign, and this is also said to be one of the reasons.

Even the entire Trump family including the First Lady Melania Trump, Ivanka Trump, and Jared Kushner have all shown immense respect and admiration for India. This is also said to have been behind the support of Indian-Americans for Trump.


Source: Hindustan Times