Donald Trump And Narendra Modi Share Striking Similarities

source: breitbart

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Donald Trump are the two most powerful leaders in the world. They both come from largely different worlds. However, they do share similarities in style and essence that you would like to read.

Striking Similarities Between Modi and Trump 

  • Firstly they hail from a non-political background; Donald Trump is a son of a property tycoon while Narendra Modi is a descendant of poor tea- seller.
  • They both are hailed by right-wing nationalists in their home countries. Donald Trump represents the Republican party and Narendra Modi represents Bharathiya Janatha Party.
  • Both leaders have a common approach to undocumented migrants. Trump portrays undocumented migrants as invaders who bring corruption and threaten national security. On the other hand, Modi and his government have introduced the Citizenship (Amendment) Act and National Register of Citizens to remove illegal migrants.
source: financialtime
  • Discussing nationalism, Both Trump and Modi support nationalistic politics. Trump’s motto is “America first,” and his campaign slogan is “Make America great again.” While Modi wants India to demonstrate strength and power over its rivals and enemies, particularly Pakistan.
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  • Both have been criticized for building walls for unnecessary occasions. Trump wanted a huge wall along the southern border to try to keep migrants out and wants to deport as many of those already in the U.S. as possible. While the leader of the world’s largest democracy built walls along the president’s route to hide the slums lining the route, a sign of India’s high levels of inequality, from Trump and his retinue.