10 Funny Yet Emotional Things Only True Blue Dog Lovers Can Relate To


Got a problem ? Go see a dog. Wanna play? Go see a dog. These power-packed lumps of joy have been winning our hearts for a long time. It comes as no surprise that they are loved by people all over the world. Here are some of the things you can relate to if you’re one of them.

You can’t help but jump with joy when you see dogs on the streets.

dog lovers

Strays ? No problem. Pets ? No problem.

You love them, no matter what size, breed or gender they belong to.

dog lovers

No matter where they’re from, they’re dogs, and that’s all that matters.

You have a better way with dogs than with people!

The more time you spend with dogs, the more time you spend away from people.

Instant Connection!

If you found a dog at your friend’s party, you end up spending all your time with it than with your friend.

You’ve already named the dog and dressed it up, in your head.

things only dog lovers can relate to

Jerry, whom you’ve met a second ago is already wearing sunglasses and a hat, or a ballerina costume, in your head.

You just don’t understand cats and cat people.

I mean why? What’s even wrong with dogs, right?

Your notifications and news feeds are filled with dog memes, dog videos, and cute dog pictures.

dog lovers

Deleting cats and humans in 3..2…1.

Bites and scratches mean nothing to you.

dog lovers

Because they’re totally worth it.

Conversation Starters

things only dog lovers can relate to

“So, do you like dogs?” becomes your icebreaker.

You love them furry friends from the bottom of your heart.

dog lovers

Say all you want, but you can never ignore them.

No matter how some people complain about their barking, the way they litter, or the way they are ‘dangerous’, you can’t ignore them. All you need to do is give them time, and a few scratched on their head. That’s all it takes to open to yourself a world full of selfless love.

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