Divided by circumstance, United by Cops; 2 Year-Old Boy Reunited With His Mother

A story has come forward from Azad Nagar in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. The cops reunited a two-year-old boy with his mother after he was lost.

The story is such that police found a boy sitting alone near the Shani Mandir of Ekta Nagar. The police station in-charge, Indresh Tripathi, picked up the boy, giving him safe custody in the police station with warm clothes and a blanket. They did this as soon as they received the information from the local sources.


Much later, the patrol staff met a woman who was roaming about the area nervously, when enquired, she said that she had lost her son. The cops further enquired about the details of the missing boy. The details that were provided could be exactly matched with the boy they had found. The cops after this reunited the boy with his mother and sent them home.

The two-year-old boy got lost while his father took him somewhere, got drunk and lost track of the boy, and even forgot to take him home. But the presence of mind of the cops and their right actions at the right moment, united the family back together!

Image source: Free Press Journal