Disturbing Video Of A Toddler Trying To Wake Up Dead Mother In Bihar Will Leave You in Tears

In the last few weeks, the struggles of the migrant workers in the country are coming out through a few disturbing incidents. Death of a few workers on a railway track and the video of a man feeding on a dead dog are some of the examples. Adding to this, the recent video of a toddler trying to wake up his dead mother shows the real magnitude of the situation.

Incident at Bihar Railway Station

At a railway platform, the video shows a toddler trying to wake up his dead mother. He initially tugs at his mother’s blanket and when it fails to wake her, the kid covers his head using the blanket. Amidst all this, the announcements on the platforms are still audible and people are busy in their activities.


An aide of RJD leader Tejaswi Yadav, who tweeted the video, said: “This small child doesn’t know that the bedsheet with which he is playing is the shroud of his mother who has gone into eternal sleep. This mother died of hunger and thirst after being on a train for four days. Who is responsible for these deaths on trains? Shouldn’t the opposition ask uncomfortable questions?

Police reveal the details

The police revealed that the incident took place on May 25th on the Shramik Special train from Ahmedabad. The woman was accompanied by her sister and brother-in-law and had died on the Madhubani bound train. Aged 35 years, the woman was reportedly being treated for a ‘disease’ for the last one year.

The brother-in-law said: “My sister-in-law died suddenly on the train. We did not face any problem in getting food or water. On getting information, police brought down the body and sent it for postmortem.


When the policemen were questioned on the cause of death, they said that only doctors could reveal the details.

Source: Deccan Herald