How Different Is Mowgli From Disney to Netflix? A Nostalgic Trip To Our Childhood Days

mowgli disney to netflix

When we hear the name – Mowgli, our mind takes us on a nostalgic trip to our childhood days, when we enjoyed “The Jungle Book” with our friends. Netflix, however, plans to change that, with our favorite characters having been given a twist of their own. Here we explore the differences between the two journeys in this post.

Followed to the Latter

The Jungle Book isn’t as pleasant and light-hearted as the earlier portrayals have made it seem. Netflix’s ‘Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle’, comes quite close to Kipling’s work. Moreover, it has a lot of really scary and terrifying moments which did not make it to the Disney movie.

mowgli disney to netflix

No – nonsense characters

Turns out that Mowgli’s mentor really meant business when he chose to teach Mowgli the rules of the Jungle. Unlike the Disney movie, Baloo, Akela, and Bagheera are all serious characters and do not stand any nonsense in their new avatars.

mowgli disney to netflix

Mowgli in a village?

At the end of the Netflix remake, when Mowgli is captured by hunters, he goes on to live with them in the village. It is here that he tries to adapt himself to the life of human beings.

mowgli disney to netflix

Home is where the heart is

While the original Disney movie ends with Mowgli being sent to the village, in this version, he returns to the jungle to free the jungle from the tyranny of Sher Khan and avenge his best friend’s death.

mowgli disney to netflix

A new member

One of the most popular characters in Netflix’s Mowgli, Bhoot, becomes Mowgli’s best friend. Bhoot is an albino wolf cub whose character has no trace in either the book or in Disney’s version of the movie. They relate to each other as both of them are different from their community and are outcasts.

mowgli disney to netflix

Something more from the book

Netlfix’s Mowgli introduces us to a new character who has been mentioned in the original book. He, however, finds no place in the Disney film – the Hyena. He acts as a right hand to Sher Khan and adds to the darkness and the intensity of the movie.

mowgli disney to netflix

A Strange Ally

Netflix brings to Mowgli and the viewers an unexpected ally – Kaa the Python. Unlike the Disney version who tries to eat him up, this revamped Kaa talks to Mowgli about the past. And the future and comes to his rescue when he’s trapped in the jungle.

mowgli disney to netflix


When Bagheera visits Mowgli in his cage at the village, he tells Mowgli how he used to be in the cage instead, at the king’s durbar. This goes on to portray the irony of a trapped human and a free animal.

mowgli disney to netflix

Reasons Unknown

Unlike in the Disney version, the elephants help Mowgli in getting rid of Sher Khan, not because he had saved an elephant cub but because of the hunter who had taken one of the elephants’ tusks. Mowgli promises to tell them about the hunter.

For Children and Adults Alike

Prior to its release, it was being assumed that the movie would just be another remake, but there’s a lot more to the movie. It dwells upon the issues of wildlife encroachment, indiscriminate killing of wild animals, illegal use of their body parts, and the captive breeding of animals.

With all these exciting twists to this movie, we can’t wait to hear what you think of this movie. Let us know in the comments!

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