10 Reasons Why Discovery Village Is An Amazing Place for Every Bengalurian

Overlooking the valley, a moment of pure bliss is what Nandi Hills Bangalore offers you. Located at just 50 km within Bengaluru, Nandi Hills is the perfect weekend getaway spot for every frustrated Bengalurian. However, if you are looking to do more than just spending a ‘dawn’ at this spot, we have an option for you.

Located at the Nandi Hills itself, the Discovery Village is a nature-themed resort which, apart from offering you a number of options to have fun, is also a place which helps you become one with the environment.


On that note, here are 10 reasons why you must plan your next sojourn at this spot.

1. Foothills of Nandi Hills Bangalore

Everyone says Nandi Hills is best enjoyed just at sunset. However, if you are not an early-riser kind of an individual, then pack your bags and just head to the Discovery Village resorts. Enjoy the beautiful night and just when the time is right in the morning, you can see the clouds below you at the Nandi Hills.

2. Serene Ambiance and less-crowded

Is the overcrowded Bengaluru getting to your head? Then, calm down! Fewer folks are seen around this place and this makes you enjoy the joy of being alone. However, if you are coming here with your family, friends or colleagues, you will start appreciating the true value of a good company.


3. Spacious and good for office outing spot and family picnic

Can’t decide on your next corporate team outing? Discovery Village is the perfect host for your get-together with a wide range of amenities. Moreover, the joy of being surrounded by pure bliss of nature will overwhelm you.

4. Breakfast and two times food (veg and non-veg)

Agreed. Discovery Village is a little far away from the city. However, food is the last thing you will worry about at the Discovery Village. With an impressive spread throughout the day, it wouldn’t be a surprise if you would want to come back here just for the tasty food on offer.

5 Games and Bonfire

Very few places in and around Bengaluru have space and facility for a bonfire. However, the Discovery village Bangalore resorts make sure this scarcity is taken care of with its facility at the Nandi Hills. Quality time around a bonfire is something you wouldn’t want to miss this weekend and all this is available at this resort.


6. Swimming Pool and water games

A clean blue swimming pool is on offer which would give you an option to wash away your weekday blues with ease. Also, a number of water games are available which would definitely keep your kids engaged.

7. Courteous staff

The staff attends you very well and with their lively and interactive nature, they are sure to leave an impression on you once you end your stay here. A few of them belong to the region and hence, you could as well get their view on how they perceive the ever-increasing crowds from the city.

8. Reasonable price

Premium stay, lip-smacking dishes, and an unforgettable experience are all available for a reasonable price at the Discovery Village. Most importantly, this resort is hardly 50km away from Bengaluru and if you think about it now, in another 75 minutes, you would be at the destination.


9. Night stay and half-day package available

Discovery Village offers you a cozy place to stay over for a night. However, you can also opt for the half-day package and it is this flexibility that is offered by this resort which makes it a must-visit for you.

10. Nice to place chill out

Alcohol is not banned at this resort but if you want to enjoy your liquor at this serene atmosphere, you might want to arrange your drinks from elsewhere. This place is absolutely safe and harmless to spend your guilty hour.