Dinchak Pooja uploads Dilon Ka Shooter on Public Demand and the Internet is going ROFL

Dinchak Pooja uploads Dilon Ka Shooter on Public Demand

Dinchak Pooja, the name that went viral for all the wrong reasons is in talks today to prove that what works here is Entertainment, Entertainment, and Entertainment. The so-called Indian Pop Star, Dinchak Pooja is known for her senseless, shitty, and funny songs. And an equally shitty video of them is a hilarious add-on. Every time the lady uploads her new music video, the Internet goes mad. This time, on Public Demand, Dinchak Pooja uploads Dilon Ka Shooter and I literally died of heart attack for a minute.

Dinchak Pooja uploads Dilon Ka Shooter

So, here is the video. All the best!


Tweeple reacts to Dinchak Pooja’s Dilon Ka Shooter and these will make your day.

Please watch video at your own risk

Dinchak Husband



Rap. Say What?

Please note. It is not out of the world.

Pray for Chinese



Yes. What a huge fan following she has.

Be a Macho!


People are waiting for the other side of it.

Enough of it. If you wanna more then go to Twitter and just search for Dinchak Pooja. Have fun and just njaaaaay!

But, on a serious note, what’s happening? Why are we making her popular? Poor girl is in an illusion that she is the best singer and a mind-boggling rapper. Yes, we laugh at her, make fun of her but who cares? She is a Youtube star today and is minting money like a Mad Woman.

She has literally earned 2.24 Lakh to Rs.4.9 Lakh from Youtube for her Selfie song. With 7.1 Million views for the video, she has 47,637 subscribers on Youtube. Seriously? Guys, 2.5 Lakh will be some people’s average annual salary. (Source)


What do you think about this? Do we have to support the shit like this or is it just a game of Entertainment? Contribute your words in the comments below.