Diljit Asks Kangana To Stop Barking After She Calls Him ‘Karan Ka Paltu’

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The Twitter argument between Kangana Ranaut and Diljit Dosanjh has turned murkier. After the actor called out Kangana for misidentifying the old farmer woman from the Delhi protest as Bilkis Dadi from the Shaheen Bagh protest, the Manikarnika star launched a series of tweets. In her first tweet, she called Diljit ‘Karan Johar ke paltu’ (Karan Johar’s pet), and in the second tweet, she called herself ‘babbar sherni’ (a lioness).

This didn’t go down well with Diljit who also resorted to using foul language and asked Kangana to not ‘bark’ against women of their mother’s age. The Queen star tweeted back saying she never insulted any woman in her tweet and even the tweet that she made was deleted within a few seconds, therefore, there’s no need to make a hue and cry about it. The rant continued while Diljit made another tweet and asked Kangana how fair is it for a woman to call another woman a ‘100rs Dehadi wali aurat’. Kangana tweeted back saying she doesn’t know the farmer woman and she never wrote anything about her.


Kangana’s tweet read, “Ooo Karan johar ke paltu, jo dadi Saheen Baag mein apni citizenship keliye protest kar rahi thi wohi Bilkis Bano dadi ji Farmers ke MSP ke liye bhi protest karti hue dikhi. Mahinder Kaur ji ko toh main janti bhi nahin. Kya drama chalaya hai tum logon ne? Stop this right now.”

Diljit wrote back in Punjabi saying, “Gal Kehdi Ho Rahi aa Eh Ja Kidar Nu Rahi aa ..? Dimagh theek aa Tera? Gallan Na Ghumaa.. Sidha Jawab de.. Jo bhonki an Tu sadian maava Lai.. Aa Ke Gal Kari Sadian Maavan Naal Jina Nu Tu 100 Rs Di Dasdi c .. Sari HEROINE Giri Kadh Den gian..”

Kangana tweeted saying, “Oye dumbo baat wahi hai jab kisi ki citizenship gayi he nahin toh Saheen Baag dadi ne kiske kehne pe protests kiye? Jab MSP hataya he nahin toh phir wahi dadi kiske bhejne pe Farmers protests mein hissa le rahi hai? Kaun usko peeche se prompt karta hai when she speaks ?” (sic)


This irked many who schooled Kangana and asked her to apologise to the woman named Mahinder Kaur who was a farmer and participated in the protest. Diljit posted the video of the woman and mentioned how she should have thought before writing anything.

The issue doesn’t seem to be ending soon as Kangana is known for her war of words with many celebrities on social media. By dragging KJo in the entire Twitter battle, she has also included the trolls now in the issue.

Source: India.com