Different Types of Gold Necklaces available for Women

You can look ravishing if you play up ordinary attire with a chunky pearl necklace. You can accessorize your kurta with an oxidized silver necklace which is not too flashy but can make you look awesome. Many of you may not be aware of varieties of gold necklace available for women.

1. Multi-colored String Necklace:

This necklace looks absolutely great with all kinds of outfits. The medley of colors adds an unexpected twist to any light or white-colored Kurti.


2. Opera Necklace :

It gives the best look when worn with deep neck gowns or blouses. You can wear it as a single strand, or you can wear it double-strand too. It can be worn for formal evening wear.

3. Bib Necklace:

This kind of necklace looks great with tops or Kurtis or even deep neck blouses. True to its name, it covers the neck just the way a bib does. It is a chunky necklace, and so you must keep the rest of your outfit simple. These necklaces are the hottest jewelry trends.

4. Thread Necklace:

These stylish necklaces go very well with sarees, Kurtis and suits. They are often paired with oxidized silver pendants. These lovely, vibrant necklaces go well with all Indian outfits. These are made of colorful threads tied in knots which give it a unique look.


5. Collar Necklace:

This necklace goes well with turtle necks, off – the – shoulder outfits, and V-necks. These are made of three or more strands of pearls and Kundan, which encircles the neck around the collar area. Better known as crew necks these are a great way to make a statement.

6. Choker:

The chokers are worn close to the neck. They complement any neckline and look good with everything from casual to formal evening wear. Chockers can add elegance to any cocktail dress and can jazz up official meetings paired with a silk blouse. Some chokers have delicate filigree work and a stone pendant which work like magic.

7. Matinee Necklace:

For plunging necklines, matinee necklace will be the right choice as it sits right above the bust. These necklaces are often embellished with stones or beads. You may even choose to wear one with a pendant if you have a wider neck or full bust.


8. Princess Necklace:

It is a common type of necklace which looks great with high as well as plunging necklines. This is a great piece of ornament for every occasion and is available in the light as well as heavy designs. A heavy necklace can add sparkle to dazzle at a wedding, and a lighter one can be sported with a saree or suit.

9. Plastron Necklace:

The boho-chic plastron necklace is a heavy neckpiece and is a great way to add extravaganza to an evening look. These necklaces are embellished with pieces of glass which surely can get you attention.