Diaper-Changing Station in Men’s Restroom At Bengaluru International Airport, Twitterati Applauds

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Always known for its innovation and renovation, Kempegowda International Airport (KIA) has never failed to make a headline in the news media. The Bengaluru International Airport has earned social media attention for installing a diaper-changing station in the men’s washroom.

KIA has a diaper-changing station in the men’s washroom

Ali Samhaan’s who is a passenger from the Maldives, during his visit to Bengaluru shared an unusual picture on Twitter which gained immense popularity. The picture showed a baby diaper changing room in Men’s Washroom at the city’s airport. He tweeted, “Saw this in Bangalore International airport men’s room,” and a thumbs up along it.


After his tweet went viral on Twitter, people hailed the KIA for taking men’s homely tasks under consideration and introducing such facility. In today’s generation, both men and women equally responsible for their household duty and taking care of a baby is also one of them.

source: timesofindia

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