Dia Movie Review: It’s Too Good And What A Sweet Surprise To Kannada Audience!

A couple of weeks ago, all of us were behind ‘Dia (Diya)’ for a certain reason. But now, the perfect reason is here and we must make sure that we wouldn’t miss it this time around.

After a debut like 6-5=2, in a country where a moviemaker’s career is typecast, KS Ashoka would have been expected to churn out thrillers and horror movies. Even so, he decided to traverse the genre and dish out a movie called ‘Dia’ – a love story, which has hit the screens this Friday.


Rightly so, the movie has been garnering wide support across the industry and for all of you whose fingertips are hovering on the ‘BMS’ app, here is a consolidated review of the film.

Dia is the second Kannada film in recent times which has been narrated via a female protagonist, the first being that of the unanimously loved ‘Gantumoote’. Unlike the Roopa Iyer movie, Dia is about multiple arcs & accordingly, about multiple crevices of the feeling called ‘Love’. A biotech student-Dia comes to terms with her boyfriend Rohit’s passing away in an accident, in which she is involved too. She moves to Bengaluru depressed & meets Adi, with whom the whole journey of falling on love restarts. But then, in a turn of events, Rohit appears again, leaving the stage set for a unique climax to this heartbreaking triangle love story.

While KS Ashoka could have directed a commercial entertainer with this plot, he, for the good, picked the raw emotions in love and gave them the chance of becoming the plot points to drive the story. As mentioned earlier, the multiple arcs have given scope for this, which eventually leaves us exhausted and breathless. There are many sequences in this movie that have been carved out intelligently, and all of them have struck the right chord with the audience. It is overwhelming to see such pure emotions play out effortlessly on the big screen.


The actors, cast to perfection, score full marks for their pinpoint effort. Kushi, Prithvi & Deekshit – all have essayed their roles well and a bright career surely awaits them. Pavithra Lokesh impresses in her role too.

Dia does not have songs but with B Ajaneesh Lokanath’s terrific BGM, the scarcity is never felt. Ajaneesh adds a layer of his own to the proceedings, all thanks to his fine use of the instruments. Vishal Vittal and Sourabh Waghmare have done a wonderful job behind the lens and deserve credit for the satisfactory output.

For the V-Day, Sandalwood could not have gifted a better movie to the audience. This movie is good, beyond that too & just does not deserve not getting recognized at the cinema halls. For all the weekend movie-goers though, this easily is your best bet for the moment.