Despite Having An Issue, This Singer Impresses All In Ede Tumbi Haaduvenu

After the demise of legendary singer S. P. Balasubrahmanyam, Colors Kannada has re-started the famous singing reality show Ede Tumbi Haaduvenu, which had the legend as its face in the past. A singer named Suryakanth has impressed all in this reality show due to his singing abilities.

Ede Tumbi Haaduvenu is different from other shows

Unlike the other singing reality shows, Ede Tumbi Haaduvenu is known for giving a push to the contestants rather than focussing on TRP-increasing gimmicks. The fact that S. P. Balasubrahmanyam was involved in it proved that it was a fine show. Recently, Colors Kannada has started a new season of the show.


Suryakanth impresses on the show

Hailing from a village in the Kalaburagi district, Suryakanth appeared on the show for the first time a few days ago. When the judges were asking him questions regarding his name and background, Suryakanth’s stammering issue became known to all.

Many wondered if such a person is firstly eligible to be part of the show. However, Ede Tumbi Haaduvenu is a show that screens its contestants through multiple filters, and unless someone has talent, he/she cannot make it to the show.

Suryakanth proved it within the next few minutes itself. Although he has a stammering problem, he sang a song, and there was not even a hint that he had any issue. He was also controlling his tears while singing which made everyone emotional. After he finished his performance, even the co-contestants gave him a round of applause. Judge Rajesh Krishnan came onto the stage and appreciated his efforts and will.