Despite Being Disrespected By Industry, Saroj Khan Said ‘I Will Choreograph Till The End Of My Life’

Saroj Khan (2)

Bollywood’s legendary choregrapher Saroj Khan passed away on the 3rd of July. At her funeral, there were only five people out of which only two were from the industry. Now reports suggest that the choreographer was sidelined for years.

Saroj Khan has been a very influential figure to the profession of choreography in Bollywood. Prior to her ascendance, choreographers were merely background artists. She was the one who brought dignity and weight to the role. She was to Bollywood choreography as Naushad was to film music, some say. Under her wings, she gave birth to two actresses Sridevi and Madhuri who went onto to become stars arguably because of their dance numbers. Khan is always referred to as a perfectionist in her dance moves. However, off late, she was hurt and angry about the industry. She spoke about Farah Khan in an interview,


“I saw what they did on the TV show. Does this kind of behavior suit her? She is a director. I’ve never gone to her for work. Then why do I matter so much to her? Just to stay in the news? I am out of the film industry now. My focus is on teaching dancing to children. I am busy with that. Why does she feel threatened by me? Why is she feeling so frustrated? I’ve never spoken behind her back. Yet Farah and her brother continue to bitch about me.”

Saroj Khan (1)
Courtesy: Indian Express

People Taunted Her About Her Weight

She was constantly troubled by the jibes at her weight. Reacting to that, she said,

“Why target me? Why not Ganesh Acharya? He’s more overweight than me. And please come and see me now. I am slimmer than Farah Khan. I think Farah owes me an apology.”

Talking about the recent trends in choreography, she felt disheartened and had shared,

“I feel dancing in our films is going down the drain. Earlier audiences watched film dances with their mouths open. Now saliva falls out of their mouths. Film dances are no longer art. Farah Khan and Vaibhavi Merchant adopt any movement from their assistants that catches their fancy. If an assistant choreographs a number what right does Farah Khan have to take the award?”

Despite the film industry not offering her work, Saroj Khan had said,


“I will keep choreographing until the end of my life. But I won’t get into a rut.”


Source: National Herald