Delhi Records Lowest New Cases Since June 1st, Experts Say Delhi Has Hit The Peak


At the start of June, the Delhi government was facing the worst situation of the pandemic as the number of cases in the city was predicted to be over 5.5 lakh by the end of July. At the end of July, the number is far lesser than that.

The Delhi government can breathe a sigh of relief as the COVID-19 tally in the city is far lesser than the predicted 5.5 lakh. It currently has over 1.23 lakh confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus. In another good news for the state government and the citizens of Delhi, for the first time since June 1st, the number of fresh cases have gone below the 1000 mark. On Monday, the number of new cases in Delhi was 954. On June 1st, it recorded 990 cases after which over 1000 cases were reported every day.


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Courtesy: NDTV

Delhi Has Hit The Peak

Over the past two weeks, the number of daily infections has been declining in Delhi. The number of cases was less than 2000 per day. As of the morning of Tuesday, the number of active cases in Delhi was 15,166 out of which only 5,833 are hospitalized and the remaining 8,379 are in home isolation. The number of recoveries in the state is over 1 lakh. The death toll is currently at 3663.

While the number of infections has come down, it must be noted here that the number of tests conducted too was 11470 as against to 20000 daily average. With the numbers going down, the experts feel that the national capital has seemed to have hit the peak. The experts also warned the citizens and the government to not take it lightly. The director of AIIMS Randeep Guleria said,

“My feeling is that certain areas have hit their peak. Delhi seems to have done so because the cases have declined significantly. But certain areas are yet to reach their peak. Cases are increasing in certain states. They will reach a peak later.”


Source: India Times