Delhi CM Kejriwal Announces 5-T Plan To Combat COVID-19

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Earlier today, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal unveiled a 5-T action plan to combat the Coronavirus outbreak in the national capital.

The 5-T Action Plan

As revealed by Mr. Kejrwal, The first ‘T’ he said is random testing, second ‘T’ tracing, third ‘T’ is the treatment of COVID-19 positive cases, the fourth ‘T’ is teamwork by government officials, and fifth ‘T’ is tracking and monitoring.


With this action plan, the Delhi government has become the first government in the country to conduct random COVID-19 tests to detect coronavirus positive cases.

Delhi currently stands second in the list of the highest number of positive Coronavirus cases in the country.

source: outlook

The detailed explanation of each T



According to Arvind Kejriwal, rapid testing is the only way to curb the outbreak. He plans to conduct one-lakh tests in a few hotspot areas in Delhi.


Once the testing is done, the next critical step will be to trace the people who might have come into contact with the individuals who have contracted the virus. Delhi Police will come into the picture in this step.



While a few hospitals will be dedicated to the treatment of Coronavirus patients alone, around 2950 beds are already in place in Delhi for the purpose. Also, 12000 hotel rooms are available for take-over if required.



Apart from internal teamwork within the state government, Mr. Kejriwal also stressed on efficient coordination with the other states and the Central government.

Tracking & Monitoring

The government will actively be involved in the correct implementation of these steps in Delhi.