Deepika Padukone Brings TikTok Challenge On Her Chhapaak ‘Look’. Kangana Demands Apology

Bad days seems to have become a part of life for Deepika Padukone since her JNU visit. The Bollywood actress is now once again facing backlash and this time it is for a TikTok challenge.

A viral Tik Tok challenge 

A TikTok video of Deepika is running viral for all the incorrect reasons. While promoting her film Chhapaak, Deepika had met many TikTok celebrities to support her film. For one of the videos, the actress presented her top three favorite looks and challenged participants to recreate the look.


In this video, Deepika is heard telling Faby (a makeup artist) about the challenge and asked her to recreate them. Following this, Faby recreates Deepika in Om Shanti Om, Piku and finally as Malti in Chhapaak.

The video earned a lot of criticism as people believed that the video mocked Lakshmi Agarwal’s journey, the acid-attack survivor on whom the film is based.


Kangana is not impressed 

The Bollywood queen Kangana Ranaut was also one of them who criticized the move and demanded an apology from the actress.

In an interview, Kangana said that the video hurt her sister’s sentiments. “Rangoli is an acid attack survivor and she was very hurt seeing the video. Sometimes, marketing teams do to go overboard with their promotions, and I am sure Deepika must be having some explanation for this.”

“The people who are hurt like my sister should be apologized to. This is not a make-up look and nobody should try and achieve it. That kind of insensitivity should be apologized for and there is no harm in doing that because we all make mistakes,” Kangana added.


Deepika’s bad days since JNU visit 

The film Chhapaak covered up controversy since Deepika attended a public protest in Delhi, declared by JNU Teacher’s association and JNUSU in reply to attacks on students and teachers by masked goons.

Soon after the report of Deepika making an appearance at JNU broke, social media went outraged on the actress. Few people slammed Deepika on supporting the protest.

Actress Kangana was also questioned about Deepika’s recent appearance with the students of JNU, a protest which was organized against the assault carried out upon them by goons. Kangana said, “I think women should support women and I am not somebody to comment on what Deepika has done or should have done. She was exercising her democratic right, but if I were given the choice I would never stand behind the Tukde Tukde gang.”