Deep Web Search Engines

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The deep web is the vast territory of the internet that goes unexplored by the common net user. In addition, the content available on this portion is not listed by major search engines such as Google or Bing. Searching for information on the dark web seems an undoable task, however, the various Deep Web Search Engines ensure that this task becomes achievable. Hidden information can be unsheathed if users make use of deep web search engines to look up the desired information. Here is a curated list of the most commonly used deep web search engines.


A deep web search engine that boasts of housing over a million pages available on the deep web. This engine is one of the oldest available to explore the deep web. Its longevity in the minds of users and also the market is aided by its effectiveness.


This deep web search engine provides the best of both worlds to the users if they wish to find results in the common and the dark web as well. Its simple user interface is a great starting point for any individual to easily access information. Users can also personalize their topics and the search they get for it. A search can be further customized to enhance the experience of browsing.

Onion URL Repository

This search engine is one of the most popular ones on this list because it can successfully search for hidden content even on the dark web. This engine has a magnanimous index of over a million pages so that users can get the best search results, no matter the topic they are looking at.

Uncensored Hidden Wiki

The hidden information hat can be accessed through this search engine is the most useful that can be found. Does not matter what information you are after when you use this search engine, it will deliver the most optimum results each time. However, users have to exercise caution when using this search engine to look for information, as there might be uncensored links available. There is a chance that such links might directly direct you to search pages that have illegal/criminal activity going on in the hidden corners of the dark web. If users can meticulously restrict themselves to only relevant searches, they can make the most out of using this search engine to access hidden content on the internet.

The WWW Virtual Library

Touted to be the oldest archive of the World Wide Web, it is said to be home to every page available on the dark web and the regular web as well. It doesn’t matter if your search ranges from agricultural to business or is totally centered on behavioral sciences, no information is hidden from this search engine. Once you access this search engine, it is highly unlikely that information about anything under the sun can be hidden from you.


Another deep web search engine that is highly efficient as it removes the excessive clutter and irrelevant information when you make use of it. The sleek look of this search engine is similar to google and might surprise you.


This deep web search engine is an interesting one on the list, mainly because it is fun to discover the places it can take you. Apart from the regular routine of providing search pages, this page is unique as it lets you take a gamble to go to a random page. Therefore, it is necessary to include a warning that there might be some random hits that you might not like. These random sites can range from articles about the black market to why children are jerks.


The intellectual search results this search engine provides is the reason why it is so popular. So, no matter what topic you are searching for, you can be assured that the information you receive will be useful and relevant. The literary section of this search engine is the most appropriate and provide premium results to all users.


Grams is the go-to search engine for looking up sellers of drugs on the dark net. It is well synced to look up the most relevant drug seller, all you need to do is type in your requirement and you will be redirected to an appropriate page. However, it should be repeated that selling/buying any type of drug is completely illegal.

Start Page

If you are concerned about your privacy, you can trust this deep web search engine. This search engine does not record your IP address and keeps your history secret. This is a great starting point for looking up information on the dark web.

An apt search engine for beginners exploring the dark web. Once you start using this engine, its interface will prove to be a cakewalk and help you search for relevant information.

Apart from these search engines, you can also visit which shares information about the deep web. Even this way, you can get info about deep web or dark web without entering into it.

The Bottom Line

Mentioned above are some of the most preferred dark web search engines that help in finding out the most relevant and hidden information. While deep web search engines might seem lucrative due to its vast potential, it is advised to make use of them very wisely. Any company or individual making use of these search engines is highly advised to not search for any illegal or criminal activities online as it can mess up one’s psyche and also spread hatred in the society.




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