This Place in Chamrajpete of Bengaluru Serves Pakka Davanagere Style Benne Dosey

davanagere benne dose chamrajpete

For the innumerable number of Davanagere Benne Dosey joints that are cropping every week around the city, it might be a difficult task to narrow down the genuine ones. However, we have got your back in this aspect as in this article, we would be talking about a popular Benne Dosey joint in the city.

Located on the Chamrajpet Main Road (4th Main Road, 3rd Cross Road to be precise), this restaurant was established at a time when very few Davanagere Benne Dosa restaurants existed in the city.

Authentic Davanagere Style

The items on offer at this restaurant can be easily memorized. While the Benne Dose, Benne Kali, and Benne Masala will fulfill your cravings for a guilty heavy calorie indulgence, the Paddoos, Open Dose and the Kali Dose will give you a variety of options to experiment with. Of course, Coffee and Tea is fantastic while the Maddur Vade can act as a side dish.

davanagere benne dose chamrajpete

Clean and Quick

The Dosas are served on a banana leaf which is put on a plate. Apart from accentuating the taste of the dishes, this technique also helps you worry less about the cleanliness. Hence, hygiene gets full marks here.

The crowd is a concern at this joint and add to this the tiny seating area, you might as well get frustrated at times before you get your plate of Dosa in hand. There are around two tables at this hotel and stone slabs around the corners on which you can keep your plates and enjoy the food all while standing.

davanagere benne dose chamrajpete


As mentioned earlier, this restaurant was set up around a decade ago, at a time when Bengalurians were slowly getting addicted to the Davanagere style Dosas. Hence, if you want to get a bite of the authentic version of this dish, this restaurant at Chamrajpet is the place to be.

To start with, Benne Masala is an absolute delight here. Roasted to perfection, the oodles of butter which was laid out to prepare this heavenly dish will surely make you go crazy. The mild potato mashing along with a paste of the trademark masala will help you get lost in this tiny 8-seater. Of course, you could as well plan for another trip to this restaurant to taste the wonderful spicy chutney that is served along with the Doseys.

davanagere benne dose chamrajpete

Another offering we would recommend you to try is the Open Dose. As the name suggests, this dish is not folded at its center and hence, you not only get the opportunity to taste the combined taste of the ingredients but also the individual constituents.

Where: 4th Main Road, 24/3, 3rd Cross Rd, Chamrajpet, Bengaluru.

Open: 7 AM – 10 PM




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