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Darshan’s ‘Sexist comment’ on ‘Goddess of Luck’ was misquoted; Reveals a new video

Kannada actor Darshan was is in the news recently after he made shocking comments about the goddess of luck. Many criticized the Kranti actor for the same but a new video is now trending on Twitter where it shows how social media misquoted him.

Misquoted Darshan

In a recent interview with an entertainment portal, the actor said, “Goddess of Luck doesn’t knock on the door always. When she knocks, grab her, drag her into your bedroom and strip her naked. If you give her clothes, she will go out.”


After his statement Netizens called out his behavior and took to Twitter to express their disappointment. While a user called him ‘cheap,’ others pointed out that everyone’s crossing the limits.

Viral video

But a surprising video is now trending on the internet where he is seen justifying the Goddess of Luck statement. The video revealed that the term Goddess was meant for the film producers in the Industry.

Continuing the Goddess of Luck statement Darshan says, “Producers are the Goddess of Luck. If they come and take advance don’t let them go. If you let them go they will go to some other’s house.”


Here’s the full video: