Damayana Teaser Review: Humorous And Entertaining Journey Of A Dude Is On Your Way

damayana teaser review

It seems Sandalwood is on a high as a few quality movies are consistently raising the bar in the industry. The latest entrant to this list seems to be Shreemukha’s Damayana.

Produced by Seventy 7 Studios, this movie has Shreemukha in the lead role. Shreemukha is directing this flick as well. Released a few days ago, the teaser of this movie has been making quite a mark with the netizens. The 280k views on YouTube so far is proof of the same.

On that note, here are a few interesting aspects of the teaser and the movie that we came across.

From the makers of …..NO OTHER FILMS

Well, right from the word go in the teaser, the makers established the genre of the movie in a unique way. Apart from telling more about themselves, the makers might have also taken a satirical dig at others who use this ploy very often.

damayana teaser review

The Journey of A Dude

The tagline of this movie, ‘Journey of A Dude’ seems to justify what has been shown in the teaser. Shreemukha’s quirky antics coupled with his futile attempts at becoming a ‘Dude’ is indeed a laugh riot.

The Tik-Tok Artist

This caught the attention of us in the teaser. In the Tik-Tok savvy era that we are living in, Damodara wants to go to the city and become famous. Guess what, he tries to achieve it by showcasing his talent on Tik-Tok. Interesting isn’t it?

damayana teaser review

damayana teaser review

Damodarana Prayana…..Damayana

This movie is about the journey of a village youngster who wants to achieve big things in life. While the character of our lead protagonist seems very interesting, we are expecting his journey to be told in a very humorous and entertaining way.




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