Cubbon Park’s Putani Express Toy Train Is All Set To Return On 3rd April, Oh Wow!

toy train

The toy train that became non-functional on January 27 was expected to recommence within 15 days but got delayed as the work progressed was very slow, slower than internet explorer. Meanwhile, Services of the toy train in Cubbon Park was stopped in order to repair the track from January 27.

Therefore this summer children will be able to enjoy the delights of the toy train in Cubbon Park as the train is expected to start running down the track on April 3. This train was popularly known as Putani Express which came into existence in November 1976.

toy train

Back on Track

The speed of the train was slower than usual as the track was old. In fact, repairs were needed in the interests of the safety and security of children. The last repairs took place more than two decades ago. As for now, the repair work has taken up at an estimated cost of Rs 8 lakh by the southwestern railway. According to the source, the trial run of the train had already been conducted. Furthermore, the ticket price is likely to be increased to Rs 10 for children and Rs 30 for adults. A final decision will be taken after the Lok Sabha election.

toy train

The train has a seating capacity of 80 persons. Around 100 people can take a ride on the toy train during weekdays. The number goes up to 1,000 on weekends and holidays. The toy train has been the biggest attraction in Bal Bhavan. The track is 1.25 kilometers long. The train covers this distance in around eight minutes.

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