Crores of Indians Said Namo To PM Modi’s Appeal: Light Candles, Diyas, Turn On Mobile Phone Torches


Crores of Indians across the country responded positively to PM Modi’s appeal to show “collective response” by switching off lights at their home and shining torches or lighting candles at 9 pm for 9 minutes on Sunday.

PM Narendra Modi’s appeal on April 3rd

On April 3rd at 9 am, PM Modi, in an eleven-minute video message appealed the citizens of the country to switch the lights off on 9 pm on Sunday and light diyas, candles or mobile torchlights for 9 minutes to show solidarity and collective resolve in the country’s fight against the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

This was PM Modi’s second rally he conducted with the people of the country. Earlier, on the day of the Janata Curfew, he requested the people to clap with their hands on the balconies or outside of their homes, in appreciation of efforts of different sectors of the society who are working hard to help the country fight the outbreak.

Courtesy: ANI

Millions respond positively to PM Modi’s appeal

On April 5th, sharp at 9 pm, several people across the country switched off the lights at their homes and came out with their diyas and candles to show the “collective resolve” which PM Modi had asked for.

While the PM’s request to do this was just for 9 minutes, a few citizens also went beyond this target and showed their intent towards the objective of the task. Nevertheless, a few cases of violation of social-distancing were reported, with many also resorting to crackers to fulfill PM Modi’s appeal.