Be Aware Of These 5 Creatures While Traveling


Traveling is a fun way to live. You get to experience different cultures and soak in the sunshine in different countries. Some people have to travel because it is related to their work while others travel because they really enjoy it.

While traveling, there are many things that you should take care of. From packing the clothes according to the weather forecast, taking precautions while eating out, and other things like keeping your important belongings safe, you should also focus a little on the sighting of animals in the local area.

One of the things that you should also be careful while traveling is the animals that you could encounter. Not many people pay attention to this when they really should. Landing in a hospital with an injury is possibly the last thing that you would want to do when you are out in some foreign location. This is why it is important that you read up on the common sighting of animals in the place that you are traveling to.

1. Florida Black Bears


They are the largest animals that you could come across in Florida. People who camp out at night in the woods have a chance of encountering them as they are found in wooded areas. Did you know that American black bears are omnivorous? They are fond of insects, pests, plants, fruits, honey, and are known to sometimes kill moose calves or young deer.

If you ever come face-to-face with a black bear, then don’t play dead, run, or make eye-contact. Most of the cases where there were attacks involved minor injuries whereas in some recent cases, the attacks became more severe. This could be because the population of humans as well as bears is increasing and bears do not have as much freedom or place to themselves as they did before.

2. Sharks

deadly creatures

We all know that sharks are dangerous. But, many still dare to test and see just how much. These water animals are as dangerous as they look. You should be very cautious around them and not try to be brave and go near them as it could be the last thing you ever did.

Bull sharks and Great White sharks are two of the most dangerous ones. White sharks are a lot less common, which is a good thing if you want to live. Although shark attacks can cause severe injury, they do not kill that much.

3. American Alligators


Although alligators appear to be just like crocodiles, they are not the same thing. Alligators are very powerful and should not be approached. One way that you would be able to tell them apart from crocodiles is by their snout. It is more rounded and wider for an alligator whereas for a crocodile it is more pointed. If they feel that their young ones might be in danger, then they could attack you.

4. Water Moccasin Snake


Water Moccasin snake is one of the most venomous snakes that you could find. Its head is quite distinctive because of the triangular-shape and its body is pretty thick. Although venomous, this type of snake does not really bite unless and until it feels threatened.

You might just be walking by and Water Moccasin snakes could feel that you are trying to invade their territory, which might result in a bite. So, if you are strolling around or swimming in the water bodies, then you should be extra careful. They could be found swimming in the ditches, swamps, streams, or even lakes.

5. Crocodiles


Crocodiles that are found around Niles are Africa’s most feared and deadliest animals. They can grow up to 20 feet and are single-handedly responsible for a lot of deaths and disappearances throughout the year.

If you are walking by the Niles or plan to take a dip, then you need to be super careful. Crocodiles are known to be very patient. They can wait out for days before they make a move. Even if you make a slight noise, it alerts them of danger.

All around the world, you would find different dangerous animals. A lot of people who go on adventures get excited and want to approach the dangerous beings. This is a bad idea, especially if you do not know about the temperament of the animal. Majority of the wild animals do not like human attention and wish to be left alone. So, when you approach them, they feel like they are being attacked.

A lot of times when an animal attacks a human, it is a defensive action that is done out of fear. So, when you are traveling to a new place, along with the places to see and delicacies to eat, you should also check out the creatures that you should be aware of.

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