Creative Memes Takeover The Internet After Pakistan Beats India In The World Cup

The cricket world cup is often regarded as a platform for breaking international records and that too when India and Pakistan face off each other; the heat is much higher among the fans which creates a lot of excitement filled with twists and turns in the cricket world. Yesterday when Pakistan merrily posed a thumping victory over India, and broke their streak of world cup losses it became a treat for meme makers to troll India and the fans altogether.

Twitter Erupted With Funny Yet Interesting Memes

The much-awaited match between India and Pakistan concluded on a disappointing note for Indian fans after the team lost by 10 wickets in their first game of the T20 World Cup. Many took to social media to express their dismay after watching the game with many being hopeful for the next match. However, many also congratulated the Pakistan team for the game. Here, take a look at some of the many reactions to India vs Pakistan match.


Well, it’s no shame in  accepting Pakistan victory over India in this world cup; with sheer patience and absolute talent without  jittering from their aim, Pakistan sweeped a clear win over their neighbours. At the same time the pakistan cricket also won several hearts from India due to their exceptional knock in front of world class bowlers of India. Kudos, to the team and let’s hope for a win the next time..